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  1. So lets say the barrel was trashed. What would I replace with with? can a 23mm barrel be used on a 22mm? do I have to change my bolt? Can I use my ak74 gas block and front sight? I'm looking into the green mountain barrels.
  2. We messed up with the lower handguard retainer notch. We welded, re did the notch and it is still loose. We effed up x2. After all the reading I have been doing around forums, putting heat on the barrel was not a good idea. Now I'm affraid of shooting the thing one day and the barrel breaking around the lower handguard retainer area. Brand new, never shot saiga, so this hurts a little bit. I never thought finding a replacement barrel would be so difficult.
  3. So I take it nobody makes a replacement ak 74 profile 7.62x39 barrel in 22m?
  4. Hey guys, Where can I find a replacement barrel for my saiga 7.62x39? I'm aware that I need one that is 22mm but all I can find is 23mm. Thanks
  5. Hey, thanks. Do I need to use any sort of primer? If so, which do you recommend? Do you have any pics of your guns? i'd love to see how they turned out.
  6. Vinni83, what is your opinion on the Ultimak rail? I'm starting to see it on pictures of AK's outside of the US. I use the Ultimak rail. Aimpoint on top with a light mount mounted on that same rail. Standard ak handguard with an added magpul rail segment in order to attach pistol grip.
  7. I purchased a gas chamber from K-Var for my Saiga 5.45 conversion, the part arrived without paint. Is there any company out there that can paint this for me? I took it to a local shop and they said they only cerakote, I showed them my Saiga and they said the paint looked like a moley resin. I'd like my gun to match, on my 7.62 build the gas block doesn't match the rest of the gun, it has a glossy finish. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your input. Just curious as to which country it came from.
  9. Is this normal? Did I receive a defective part? I dont know as much as some of you, so I don't know how an AK sight being crooked in that area will affect accuracy. If it is purely cosmetic I wont bother returning it, but if my rifle will shoot crooked I don't wanna use it.
  10. Hey guys, I have this gas tube. Interested to know if anyone has any insight as to where it might be from. Only marking I can see is an "11" in parenthesis (11). Seller told me he had no idea where it was from but that it fit his Arsenal SLG rather well, part is not FROM arsenal, it was a spare that he had. Anyone know where it might be from?
  11. Looking for a Bulgarian Ak74 gas tube. I searched the net for hours but could not find one. If you have one please let me know. Thanks
  12. GOT MY STOCK IN THE MAIL TODAY! Amazing! shipped very fast considering they're in Israel! Excellent stock x100 for FAB defense. I placed an order for some Surefires at the same time and the Fab stock from Israel got here sooner. Shame on you surefire.
  13. ^^ thanks for the info on fab and the mags. Unfortunately I live in CA. I can only hav them as rebuild kits.
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