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  1. Great info! I was already set on getting the trigger upgrade. but was on the fence for the charging handle but you sir have helped me over the fence!! Oh and its a shark brake for me!
  2. WOOOOOO Hoooooo i am so excited I got notification yesterday to send in my gun! Now all i gotta do is decide how many extras to stack on my build?!! I cant wait to get the phone call to finalize my build! I have been waiting since i bought this gun in nov 2011 to get on the list and get Tony to convert it. Finally the time is almost here and i couldnt be happier. Any other Tromix owners have any "must have" add ons they would recommend getting?
  3. Good info! I cant wait to send mine its all i can think about
  4. Tony i am on the build list for a few months from now and was wondering if everything was still on track? I know the market has changed a lot so i wasnt sure if u were getting behind due to lack of parts or anything? You gave me a lead time of 11 months last june and i am getting insanely excited to send you my gun! I figured i would post this here in case any others on the list were wondering the same thing. Thanks in advance!
  5. Oh man this is worrying me. My s12 is waiting on a tromix conversion. I have not yet tried my agp mags i hope i can make them work. Sure sucks to wait that long to get them and have trouble with them
  6. Just recieved notice that mine shipped last Friday! I ordered back on 12/21
  7. Well i just talked to a girl at AGP yesterday she said my order should be ready to ship in 2 weeks! Again my original order was placed on Dec 24th
  8. Poor guy post's a legit question to see what other members are experiencing when ordering mags so that he can see what to expect and gets beat up. You guys are mean:boxing: Big John I love your avatar! Is that the same chick i saw in Sunnybeans avatar? They sorta look alike and what great racks! On a better note i just recieved 2 20 rd drums and 2 12 rd stick mags yesterday! All thanks to the saiga12 online store
  9. Thanks for the info. I will say i am waiting patiently and have not bothered AGP one bit wondering about my order status. I can see some members here get real uptight when asking a friendly/legitimate question. I did not think they were scamming me but was simply curious as to what my wait time might be. I can now tell many of u members get offended by such ridiculous questions??????. Sorry for creating conversation, I belong to many forums and i will say with all sincerity have never felt so scrutinized against for no reason. You all need to relax all i did was ask a question, not act...."an
  10. I can see he is an expert. That doesnt take away from the uselessness and intended ignorance of his post, which was written for no reason other than to be rude to me presumably because i am a new member.Where is his firearms expertise showing in his "captain obvious" reply. I dont see the irony in my last post. I started this thread and felt as though it was relevant to mention thanks to a fellow member for referring me to a similar thread with info that answered my question. Or maybe you were reffering to my 2nd to last post? He was sarcastically rude to me instead of just ignoring my ques
  11. Thanks for that i did use the search and tried to see if anyone else had been discussing this, I did not see that thread ( why i started this one)! Good info though!
  12. Ya you are missing the part of my post where i asked if anyone else had ordered and recieved theirs already, so i could gauge how far out my order might be. I was simply trying to fulfill my curiosity. I would like to thank you for your unneccessary and ridiculously useless bit of information that answered nothing that i asked though. I have been a member here for oh about 24 hrs. And i gotta say it seems pretty obvious how you have 16k posts. I thought it was typical courtesy that if you have nothing useful to add to the conversation then you add nothing at all. Or "am i mssing something
  13. Anyone have any idea how long the backorder is from agp on their 10rd mags? I ordered on dec. 24th only 3 days after they put up their backorder notice and was immediately charged for my order. The website asks that you dont bother them with availability questions. But its been almost a month and im getting curious. Just wondering if any other members here ordered any and recieved theirs so i knew what kind of wait to be expecting
  14. WOOO HOOO just joined and scored 2 drum mags within 20 min!! Thanks E-store! Got 2 12 rd mags as well!
  15. Just another new guy sayin hello! I've been lurkin here for a while getting some info but finally decided to join! What a great site you guys have created. I bought my S12 about a year ago and i am on the current build list to get converted by Tony at Tromix!!!!
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