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  1. Also, do not pay a gunsmith $50 to silver solder a bullet guide. Mine came off with my second shot on my modified factory 10 rd mags. On the upside; my modified factory mags worked fine without the guide. My lone circle 10 was flawless. Even my 4 Tapco's were fine until the 30th round; which jammed every time. I was really impressed with the grouping at 100 yds. So was my buddy shooting an Ar 15. He only shot 15 rounds; I shot 150. My groups were nearly as tight with pretty rapid fire( time to realign scope) I was shooting 7n6 for the first time. We were shooting off sand bags on a plastic t
  2. just got gun home, shot 30 rounds through tapco flawless. Haven't tried circle 10 or modded factory mags. He charged me $50 , which i kinda bitched about at first(not in front of the gunsmith,just grumbled at the cash register). The guy at the counter said it took him 2 1/2 hours and that he had the entire gun apart. Plus, obviously I screwed it up.Oh well, money well spent if it holds up.
  3. thanks for the help. I just took it to my gunsmith. I was getting nervous about making more holes in the trunion. I broke my bit and my tap last night. I don't really have the patience for this kind of work. He said he was going to use some sort of silver solder?( some sort of solder anyway). Supposed to hold up to 20,000 psi. Hopefully done by tomorrow. Btw, he had a saiga 7.62 in the shop, putting a collapsible stock and changing the foregrip.
  4. Haha,you shouldn't. I just broke the tap. Now i just feel retarded, not sick any more. I was able to tamp the broken tap down flush with the trunion. Those taps break easily. It just proves my machining skills. I'll just get it welded. If I keep fixing it, it will really be broke. The bullet guide is way softer than the trunion
  5. great idea. i'll give it a shot
  6. guide arrived. install went worse than i had hoped. somehow I drilled too far forward on the trunion ( too close to the chamber). I feel kind of sick. I center punched several times,but my bit still wandered. I guess I'll either leave it without a guide or see if I can find someone to tig weld it in.
  7. Zero failures with circle 10 mag and wpa. It was jamming every other round today with tapco. Still haven't received guide. Should I just shitcan the tapcos? Or should they be fine with the guide?
  8. Ordered bullet guide from css. Thought about testing 7n6 vs wolf military classic sp in tapco's to see if it was ammo related,but i want to be able to shoot all the ammo available. Plus 7n6 is not legal for coyote hunting, though I can't imagine being fined for that here in Arkansas
  9. Yesterday was first time shooting this weapon. I kind of got caught up in the madness and bought a bushmaster and some lower receivers for some ar builds, plus i was waiting on some non corrosive ammo. Didn't try the circle 10, will try it tomorrow. Probably going to order bullet guide. Did you have to notch the top of the factory mags after installing the bullet guide?
  10. shot 60 rounds yesterday. Number 57 jammed using 30 round tapco. Looks like I need to install the bullet guide. I've read that it's not uncommon for these to jam when new, but my saiga 223 has never jammed. The bullet was jammed below the chamber.
  11. nice, all mags fit. Tapcos and circle 10 are tight, factory mags are just barely loose,but not sloppy. Was kind of nervous about grinding on brand new rifle.
  12. wow,fast response,thanks . Tapcos came in just now.
  13. New member, first post, probably dumb question. Just received new vepr 5.45 from kvar. I have one circle 10 mag and 4 tapco on the way. I plan on filing the mag catch. Will the factory mags still work after filing the catch? Don't plan on installing bullet guide, at least initially.
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