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  1. Thanks for the approval guys. Very happy myself with the end result.
  2. http://i952.photobucket.com/albums/ae9/czetsche/SDC12389_zps04c6fa17.jpg http://i952.photobucket.com/albums/ae9/czetsche/SDC12388_zps9e0d4278.jpg Finally got around to finishing my Saiga .223. Enjoy!
  3. yea, I did that on my .223 saiga. want to do something a little different this time around and not go with the AK74 style FSB muzzle brake.
  4. Has anyone removed the org Saiga FSB and replace it with another FSB like a Romy one with a retaining pin? I basically want to thread the barrel and want to have a FSB with a retaining pin. I know there are differences in OD on some of the .223 models, but I can't find any info on OD on 7.62 Saiga's. Thanks
  5. Ok, here is my deal, I have a PSL build on a NDS flat receiver. I really want to put a saiga skeleon type stock on it, I just like the look of that buttstock. So the question is: Does anyone know if a Saiga Skeleton stock will fit on a NDS squared back receiver? I am ok, with doing a littel tweaky on it but don't want to get into a lof of mods to it just to get it to fit. I am aware of DSM labs that has the stock kits but those are for the standard Romy PSL receivers. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info. Basically I want to redo the whole barrel, push off the gas block as well as the FSB. Then install a normal HG retainer and then a FSB block with pin and detent. I want to put wood furniture on it and make it look old school. Of course I am aware of 922 and such. Just didn't know which other country's parts might fit. I have a buddy who has a milling machine, press, etc.. to ge this done. We have build other AK's from kits, but really have not tried to mix and match before. I guess it might be a case of trial and error until I get it the way I want it.
  7. OK, I need the experts here. I want to completely redo the barrel with a typcial handguard retainer and FSB with pins and detent and add a slant brake. I was wanting to know which parts can I use? Romanian? Chinese? Russian? I know K-VAR has a lot of parts, my concern is measurements and which ones will work. Thanks
  8. Thanks guys. Just looking at doing another project gun and I wanted to do one with a 20" barrel.
  9. So why is it hard to find a 20" barreled Saiga now a days?
  10. I noticed them a couple of years ago, and they were selling pretty quickly. I believe they were like $99 dollars back end.
  11. Yep, that's what I'm saying.. I have to suspect it all ready has a US FCG... But for $350 not to bad... as long as I didn't get in a bidding war...not that I'm going to buy it.. I just keep an eye on Phoneix D, they always have interesting stuff to sell.. I always thought it was police trade in suff and some Century stuff... I just thought it was werid something like this turned up on one of their auctions, never see them selling Saiga rifles ....
  12. I think I would keep it simple.. Tapco FCG (3 parts) and then add a US made mag (3 parts) then I'm done...
  13. Just curious as to why you don't think it's compliant.
  14. As I was doing my usual surfing of GB I came across this listing. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=183540670
  15. Thanks for the approvals... need to figure out what to use for a rear sling swivel...
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