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  1. Just to mention, Maxrounds has a drum that holds 3" shells with a longer neck that can go in an extended magwell, called the Powermag 650. But it's very expensive and located in Europe I think. But can still be ordered.
  2. That notch was like that when I got the gun brand new from Mississippi Arms. It is the IZ-109 model. However, I never had an issue with a shell hanging up there. I think I remember a few on this board with pictures of not even having that notch there at all (like being cut off), which caused the shell to angle up too much sometimes and hang up.
  3. I have done that mod right when I got the gun and worked wonderfully. The area I'm talking about is the opposite side and my shells have the front of the shells upward. It would catch on the top portion of the barrel chamber lip area. I worked on it a little and now working much better.
  4. Thank you for the suggestion and offering. I do have some nylon drawer tape in several sizes (anti friction nylon tape used for furniture drawers). I put it on the factory 5 rd mag and it seems to slide easier on putting in the last rounds. However, I don't think the feeder angle is off from normal. The mags seem to sit parallel and flush like they would have without the extended magwell. I also have several 10 round SGM mags that worked flawlessly and same thing happens. The SGM mags slide smoothly. Actually it can hang randomly on any round even last. By manually cycling it in slow m
  5. I'm getting a FTF as seen in the first picture below (happens usually on the first or second shell in the mag). The second picture shows the view from the magwell (hang up area circled). And the thrid picture shows how it looks when the factor 5 round mag is loaded with all 5 shells in it. I have good gassing of ports and mechanics of the bolt operation along with the CSS kit with puk and spring. I also have the md arms 5 setting plug. I could run Federal bulk through this without any issues for the longest time (hundreds of shells). It was until I installed the Tac 47 magwell (which I don
  6. One thing I noticed and that worries me is that when the safety lever is in the safe position and with the dust cover off, the lever will disengage and move all the way up when the trigger is pulled hard enough. I understand normally one wouldn't or shouldn't have any ammo loaded with the dust cover off, but still worries me. The lever that engages the trigger in the safe position is slightly angled so that enough pressure is put on the trigger, and with the dust cover off to stop the lever from going up all way, it forces it upwards and releases the hammer. I have a converted Saiga
  7. Where would the shells hang on? I just installed my TAC 47 magwell and modified my magazines with good results. With the parts being flush, are you talking about the very front of the magwell lining up flush with the block underside of the gun (as seen in the first picture above)?
  8. Tac 47 Magwell Chaos Quad Rail Magpul MBUS front and rear flip-up sights ATI Scorpion pistol grip Fab Defense Collapsable recoil stock Tromix Trigger Group Carolina Shooter's Reliability Kit (performance puc & spring) 5 position gas plug (soon to get Tac 47 Auto Plug) Drill out all 4 gas ports to hair size bigger and polished underside of bolt.
  9. Hey everyone, have been a Saiga 12 owner for a year now and frequented these forums and hope to learn a lot more by talking with others and hopefully contributing. I had an account created a year ago, but I had some issues and I could never view or access anything while logged on, weird...
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