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  1. Thanks TX AK Designs . This is customer care at its finest. Can't wait till mine arrives.
  2. I own a pt111 mill pro and pt145 mill pro . I love both of these pistols . Take down is tricky at first but once you figure out the tricks you should be able to do it with your eyes closed . Dont let all the taurus haters scare you off , I own 3 taurus pistols and 1 rossi revolver and carry one of these at all times . Also you can use taurus 24/7 17 round mags in your pt111 and they make a mag sleeve to fill the gap
  3. After deciding to convert I looked everywhere online for the right coversion kit . Then I found the deluxe kit on dinzag . After a quick email with dinzag about shipping I ordered it early Tuesday morning . To my surprise it arrived Saturday morning . This is what I call great customer service . I will be a returning customer . This was my first conversion so I don't know much about other vendors but I would recommend dinzag as an option to anyone looking for saiga accesories. I don't know if Dinzag will will see this but thank you again for everything
  4. I say started because this is addicting as many of the members have stated before. So I decided to do the pistol grip coversion on my 223 . I started with a tapco folding stock, saw pistol grip, and a deluxe conversion kit from dinzags. This was super simple , I'm glad I talked myself into after reading a lot on this forum. I didn't have trouble with bho with the string tip. Thanks again everyone who has posted their conversion tips and mishaps. I have one question my 223 has all of the features of a factory threaded barrel, if icut the shroud back and it not threaded can I just paint the bar
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