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  1. Interesting. I'll have to check that out. Thanks! Thank you! I appreciate the support. lol.
  2. Nice let me know how it goes!
  3. Yeah, that's the thing.. Saiga/Surefire mags are usually at least 30 bucks.. Which I know isn't bad.. but you can get a lot of AK mags for 10-15 bucks it seems like? So that's one of the main reasons I was thinking of getting it to take AK mags, because its a little cheaper. Plus that way if SHTF, AK mags are a little more common and my dad has a ton of AK mags. But the main reason to be honest, is cost. Who doesn't like paying less? So are there inexpensive 10-15 round AK mags that I am missing, or am I just going to have to stick with the Sock/Saiga stuff? I may still do the bullet
  4. Hello everyone, I am looking into putting a bullet guide on my Saiga .223 so that I can hopefully get cheaper magazines. My problem is that I am not doing a conversion to more of a traditional AK on my rifle. I am looking for more of the low profile Dragunov look.. so I don't want a big ol 30 round mag hanging out.. Just seems like it would look goofy. Does anyone know there are many 10-15 round AK 47 mags for a decent price for a .223? Or should I just deal with a 30 round or stick with Saiga specific mags? I've done a little bit of searching and haven't found any that aren't more
  5. That's exactly how I am as well. Last time I used a VFG I just didn't like the feel. But I used an AFG and really liked it.
  6. Well I am not sure that I will be putting a bipod on it.. And I don't have the 16 inch barrel.. I have the 20inch. Not that it matters tremendously. And I want an AFG because I don't like the regular vertical foregrips nor would a vertical foregrip look good with the style I am going for. I've used AFG on friends rifles before and really liked the feel of them. All I'm putting on my rifle is a scope and an AFG with my thumbhole skeleton stock. That's it.
  7. Really? Can you elaborate? What don't you like about it?
  8. Hey guys.. First post here.. Been lurking for a while though. I think I'm going to go with the Surefire quad rail for my setup... I want to use an angled foregrip on it, however. I'm not sure if the bottom rail on the Surefire quad rail goes back far enough to adequately use an AFG. I would maybe also possible want to mount a bipod at some point. Does anyone have any experience with AFG on the Surefire quad rail? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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