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  1. South side Chicago, right? Open range, moving targets, all types of firearms allowed. How could you complain? You don't even have to use range ammo!
  2. Pretty though ain't it? There's also, sailing to Catalina Island (best weekend date a guy could possibly be-guaranteed!!!), Tiberon & Marin, Santa Barbara Main St & Pier, Ojai brunch at the Ranch House (Chef picks herbs from the garden around your outdoor table), Red Wing BlackBirds in the hills of Thousand Pines and the Peacocks & Peahens at Thousand Pines Lodge, Bicycling Big Sur (UNBEEeevable), french fries at Napenthe's, steak sandwiches in Lucia (pop. 6) on the edge of patio 300' above Pacific, Pea Soup Anderson's, San Simeon, Horseback riding Topanga Cyn. the Devil's Go
  3. Ahhh, the ignorance.... There are similarities no doubt, but I would venture that there is no place in the Union as fully self delusional about its own shortcomings as is California. Besides, we deserve our own place because we are better than you, don't you know that?
  4. THANK YOU!! I just posted the same in middle region. You're OK in Nevada, but we need a fricken miracle here in CA!
  5. We need your support out here in California brothers and sisters! Where's the LOVE???
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