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  1. Anyone know what happened to Legions free shipping? It was listed in their terms and conditions on 9/23/14 but was not registering at check out so I sent them an email asking what was up. No response from them but I notice now that the word free was simply pulled out of the sentence from the web page. All items purchased at http://legionusa.com will be shipped free within continental US. All items purchased at http://legionusa.com will be shipped within continental US. I understand they could have changed the policy but they could have at least had the decency to respond to my emai
  2. if they are, they will be for commercial sales only, unless they designed the aluminum mag to be as sturdy as the current production M16 mag, I really don't see the Russian military issuing these to troops. they tried it with the aluminum AKM "waffle" mag in the 80s in Afghanistan, and it was a resounding failure, mag was easily dented. dented mag bodies are not conducive for feed rounds. of course to be fair, the aluminum AKM mag was really, really thin. about the same thickness as the HK33 40 rounder, which was a resounding failure for the Germans, same problem, easily dented. we also h
  3. I thought the first Russian GK-01 was all steel, and the CSS copy was the first aluminum ones? Don't ask me why I thought this, I have the memory of a bare knuckle fighter with alzheimer's.
  4. Molot is only making aluminum GK-01 now?
  5. These 10 rounders work as well as the 5 and 8 rounders. I prefer the grip also.
  6. Thanks. I had never intended on putting a brake on this. I was thinking about trimming the barrel back and just threading a internal choke in. I might go with one of the short flash hiders.
  7. A response to another of my threads is leading me in a different direction. I'm thinking of going with a 100% flash hider only... no brake. What is the shortest lightest trimmest most effective flash hider for the Vepr 12? My first choice for a FH is AAC but they do not make one for the 12s Thanks
  8. Don't you just love those non-spec picatinny rails?
  9. If the Chaos is a drop in replacement for a STANDARD RPK hand guard I'm interested.
  10. Can not seem to understand how to lock this in the up position. It locks in the down position. Thanks
  11. This is sort of a companion post... Anyone use barrel ports on their Vepr 12 or Saiga 12? Mag-na-port Vang-Comp Thanks
  12. Thanks, I have the SGM choke. I'm just one of those guys that think a shotgun looks better with a clean barrel. I also do not want to do anything to make it longer or heavier. Thanks
  13. It's my understanding that the Vepr 12 comes with a 19" barrel. I'm thinking about having it cut to 18" and threaded for a standard internal choke. I will never use a brake so why not?
  14. Can I use a RPK front sight block on a Saiga .308? I see that RPK sight blocks are made for larger diameter barrels so I'm thinking its a good idea because I won't have to have as much of the barrel turned down. Unfortunately as I'm thinking about this I'm not near my Saiga to measure the barrel and see how close it would be to a RPK diameter. Thanks
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