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  1. Thanks! ive been looking a for a mag with that look so that my (AK-74) look is complete lol
  2. Interesting, Now have you figured out a way how to remove the mag well and make it accept saiga or vepr mags or even standard catamount fury 1 mags? I have tried to remove the mag well and see if it works with out it but it was a epic fail on my part!
  3. Where did you get the ak74 style mag? I WANT ONE!!!
  4. Why is it that everyone hates them? I love mine and have had no problems what so ever with it ever
  5. It works!!!!! all I did was hollow out the right hole in the gas block like the Saiga 12 gas fix and now it cycles both Remington gun club, and Fiocci loads but it still hates the cheap Walmart federal and Winchester loads.
  6. Hello, everyone As my first AK type rifle and first gun purchase I bought a GP WASR-10/63 made in 1971 The rifle works flawlessly I have ran over 3,000 rounds through it with no FTE or FTFs at all, that being said what dose your WASRs look like ? and how have you configured them? I will post pics of mine soon Thanks for reading!
  7. If only their was a way of being able to buy parts online for both of them and finding a way to make it capable with S12 mags or Vepr12 mags
  8. originally I had problems with the fury 2 not cycling any low brass shells at all! but after I did the same drill fix like you see on youtube it now runs perfectly ! i was also able to add a standard Saiga 12 stock by shapping it to match the other stock. The gas plug is the same as the saiga 12 as is the chokes and the threading.
  9. Since the Gas block on the Fury looks exactly like the S-12 could doing some port drilling help fix the problem ? I have seen videos showing how to do it but wasn't sure if it would work on with the fury in this case.
  10. Could you possibly tell me what parts you bought ? Thanks!
  11. Hi, all I purchased my catamount fury 2 in January of this year and have been shooting at least every weekend, For some reason the gun will not cycle any type of target loads I buy. I've tried everything from Federal Target loads, Remington gun club, and Fiocci loads and none of them will work. It cycles high brass shells perfectly ! I've shot at least 25 of 30 rounds of high brass buck shot through it I have tried loads that have been 1145 Velocity to 1355 and none of them work. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! THANK YOU!!!!
  12. Hi, All I have a quick question on the Catamount fury 2 shotgun it says lead shot only on the receiver dose this mean it can only use lead shot shells and no other ammo like slugs? Thanks in advance!
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