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  1. Do you know if you need a retainer for a midwest industries rail?
  2. Hey everyone. I want to put an AKM Magpul hand guard on my Saiga. I have read that I need a retainer for this to work. I have also read that you should make sure the retainer is made of the right materials or else the heat from the barrel will warp the clip? I need a bolt on retainer because I dont have access to a press and I think a bolt on will do for my shooter needs. My question is recommendations for the bolt on retainer clip? I have seen some for $20-$110 so im not sure what the best bang for your buck would be. Any help would be great
  3. Hey everyone. I'm looking to upgrade my sights. I was looking at the XS big dot front stripe. I want something to see at night and better to pick up, Some have suggested to upgrade the rear sight as well but others have told me to just leave the rear alone. Any thoughts or suggestions? Heck even any reviews are welcome.
  4. Hey everyone. Im looking to "build" my Saiga but due to where I live and current gun laws a conversion is out of the question. I'm thinking of upgrading the sights, an ultimak scope mount, foregrip handgaurd and a two point sling. For sights i'm thinking of xs systems front stripe sight with a RD rear sight mod or kerbs rear sight. I was going to use an ultmak rail with there handgaurd but after looking around I'm leaning toward the new magpul handgaurd. I notice that they have a slot cut for a sling attachment. So the sling attachment would do me no good without the sling attached
  5. Where would be the best place to buy everything? I was looking at threading it myself just trying to get a price of what the tools I would need are and cost. Any links to some good reading materials for threading the barrel?
  6. Hey guys I want to put a muzzle brake on my saiga. I don't know if im ready to thread my barrel and I don't think there are many guys around my area to trust to thread my barrel for me. I was looking around online and stumbled on this guy http://www.latitudearmory.com/store/rifle-parts/muzzle-brakes-19/aim-sports-inc-ak-sks-muzzle-brake-adaptor-14x1mm-l-h-threads-pjaad-o4i_128.aspx Has anyone tried this or is this a bad idea?
  7. Hey guys. I have a sportster stock on my saiga. I can not change it or convert it due to laws in the state I live in. I was looking at adding a good recoil pad just to make the rifle a bit more comfortable to shoot. I have a slip on recoil pad I have currently on my stock but it is on the small side and makes it awkward to seat on my shoulder. I see a sgm tactical recoil pad and was wondering if anyone has tried this or not?
  8. I'm sure they are. I'm just wanting to look at my options for single points. Personal preference
  9. I wish I could convert mine lol. I want to use a single point sling because I already own an soe single point and don't want to buy another one if I can avoid it
  10. I have to say I currently live this situation. I am not legally able to convert my sportster because of my state laws But I was looking for a toy and a good battle rifle. Around here AR pre banned are going for 2500 bucks or more. Most are selling uppers and lowers at 1200. I bought my saiga for around 500 with FFL fees and shipping. To me the ammo is cheap and the gun shoots great. I can still put a great sight on it and change the hand guard to be more practical. So for me yes I would buy another saiga over other rifles out there.
  11. Hey guys. I have a saiga 7.62 sportster. I live in CT and it is illegal to put a pistol grip on my rifle so for now a conversion and a traditional stock is out of the question. I want to put a sling on my rifle. I have a single point sling but due to the location of the stock hooks a single point will not work unless I can put it to where the buttstock and the receiver meet. Im not sure if they make a sling attachment like that? Anyone have any advice or know if it can be done?
  12. It is new. Maybe 40 rounds there it so far. I fired a few rounds with a limb saver on to try it and made it much more comfortable to shoot. Im going to look into the kicklite stock or try the magpul set up I found
  13. Would think a 30-50% reduction worth adding the brake. And muzzle rise greatly reduced which is even more important. I was thinking the muzzle rise would be great. I find due to the recoil it makes it a bit more of a challenge to get a follow up shot off quickly. As for the kick lite stock, I have looked at the stock and wasn't sure how good it was. I am stuck between that one or the Magpul one that I found I can thread the barrel to install a muzzle break but I would have to pin the muzzle break. Most of the new laws seem to be thrown together and even the people who made
  14. Hey guys. New to the forum and new to saiga's. I just got my 7.62 and after shooting a few rounds (20 or so) I enjoy it but find it has a bit more kick then I thought. I've shot ARs before in 223 and the recoil was non existent. The 7.62 has a noticeable kick though. I have a sportster model and a 16" barrel. I live in CT and I cant convert the rifle but the loophole is I can modify my stock and add the grip to the stock but not the receiver. I thought I had read that a muzzle brake would be a good way to handle some of the kick I am experiencing but I wasn't sure.
  15. Hello everyone, First time poster on the forum. I am looking to get a saiga sportster rifle. Im thinking either 223 or 7.62. I live in CT and they wont allow any rifle have more then 2 features and one of the features is a stock with a hand grip or a stock that is under the action. The other big feature is a detachable magazine. With that said I was wondering if I could put a magpul style stock on the sportster? It should help lower the 922r ratio if from what I have been reading about lately.
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