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  1. I'm about to order a vortex diamondback 3-9x40 and the UTG mount for the 308. Can I use the low rings for this or do I need to get the medium or high ones? Thanks.
  2. There's just something about that SVD look that gets the "juices flowing" lol. If BHA wasn't a total crock I would throw one of those stocks on in a heart beat.
  3. I was super pumped about it. Even more pumped when the boss gave me permission to get it lol. Probably won't have any pics up for a few months when I can get it how I want but the board will be the first to see it.
  4. Appreciate it. Ideally I would've liked a slant back and the iwd svd set. But with the sale centerfire had and me not wanting to cut the receiver I've been trying to figure out a different way to give it that "dragunovish" look.
  5. So I ordered a square back 308 and figured I'd take to the board for some info. Everything on the inter tube has brought me to just ask the advice of this wise board. Now I kno with the proper adjustments a standard ak stock can be made to fit the vepr. In the event I am unable to obtain a wasr (psl type) stock, is it possible to modify the psl stock to fit the square back vepr receiver?
  6. Buffalo stands for the city and Bill is for yup u guessed it the bills!! Go bills!!
  7. Thanks alot. Yes it is my first conversion
  8. Unfortunately I haven't taken it out. Partly due to laziness party due to WA states weather. Have plans to go out this weekend with 2 of my boys. Hopefully it comes thru!
  9. Hey all, I figured id just jump into it. First off let me say the amount of knowledge on this board is incredible. A huge part of the reason I decided to do the conversion was simply due to the fact anything I needed to find I could find here. Ive been looking at this forum for about 6 months now and decided to finally join a group of like minded individuals to share my baby with. Pretty much sums up my experience or at least as much as I want to type on this tablet lol
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