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  1. So, received the sight, today. The lady I previously spoke of called to let me know it was on the way. I will add that she is very pleasant to talk to. My other "extra" charges had been rectified. I feel compelled to post a picture of the bead, though, as it is hilarious to think I spent a total of $45 dollars on it. Oh yeh, the shipping cost was 5.95, but clearly on the envelope it has a sticker that say $3.73. So, someone desperately needed $2.22.
  2. The dimensions by all speculators are in fact, wrong. I went to a hardware store, today, and nothing matched. I have talked to MrGunsandGear, who had absolutely no idea, and my friend talked to Greg from Carolina Shooters Supply, who also had no idea. They are not the same dimensions as Ak front sight posts, nor the 20, or 12 gauge. I have purchased a 40 dollar bead sight, which is beyond me on logic, but appearantly the only ones that exsist are from saigastock.com. As if that isn't weird enough, I am not having a positive experience with that company. There is a voice recording you get every
  3. http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/rifle-3-folding-5pc.htmI tend to avoid anything that makes my AKs look like ARs. I have a tapco folding stock on my converted Saiga .410 that looks, and works well.
  4. The cheap Plano ammo cans worked well for me. They have the rubber seals to keep moisture out. The handles on them are not built well, but as far as protecting ammo, I've had ammo stored for years in the garage with no corosion, and they work fine when I take them out to the range.
  5. First off, new to the forums. So...hello, everyone. Got back from some range time with my Saiga .410, break her down for a cleaning, and behold! No bead sight, anymore. I've searched the internet, this site included, but there is absolutely no answer to this question. What is the thread size for the front bead sight? Not, "What did you do with your own threading tools to make a bead sight work?". Just the standard threading, so i can just drop another bead in. Will the AK/Saiga colored sights work that they sell at Carolina Shooters Supply? Saigastock.com seems to be the only company in th
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