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  1. Thanks for looking guys. Thanks for the tip GunFun we'll see if anything comes from it. Thanks for posting that pic XdamagedX, That is the only other pic of one like mine I have seen. Small update tho, I does fit a saiga rail,
  2. Found this PGO-7 type optic with no provision for illumination at all. Spent some time searching & I've seen some with different style switches & battery boxes. I've seen some with the switch/bat box removed, but this one looks like it never even had them at all. You can see what I suspect is a drill dimple where the illumination lamp would go but it's obviously not drilled. Reticule looks just like THIS one. Haven't been home yet to see if it fits the rail on my Saiga, but just eyeballing it up it looks like it will fit. Found it locally, didn't give much at all for it. (substantially less than $100) Dude had no clue what it was. He had it labeled as a "bomb sight", which I reckon isn't totally inaccurate. So... Have any of you guys ever seen a PGO-7 type optic like this before? Thanks!
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