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  1. The rings are not real tight, I didn't use a torque wrench though. The rings have the same amount of gap on the other side. I will try new rings, keep y'all updated. Thanks for the input
  2. My scope rings are from Amazon. I will try another scope this weekend. I used 2 different mount points the side mount and the TWS is a top mount system (dust cover)
  3. I had a UTG side scope mount but I would have to turn the elevation knob all the way up to get on target. I originally thought the side mount was bad so I bought a TWS dust cover and mounted my scope on that, but I still have to turn the elevation knob all the way up. Is something wrong with my gun? Should I run different size scope mounts to help level it out?
  4. Work in progress, Tapco stock, handguard, 30 rd. Mag, Redfield scope
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