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  1. Sorry man, just came on here to update it sold locally. At $50 nobody wanted it for a few days, at $47 I got PM's on 2 message boards and a local guy off Armslist within an hour and a half lol
  2. Did just that.......got one of the fixed tubular stock models from K-var ordered, (2) factory 8rd mags, (2) factory 10rd mags, Magpul pistol Grip, CSS gas puc, and the ALG / Tromix trigger I already got a JTE comp muzzle brake and ill just need to get a US handguard to make it compliant with the OEM 8/10 rd mags
  3. I thought the DDI's were all American, not imported saiga parts. Pretty sure the AK's are American made but still using imported parts the shotguns are completely Chinese made (not Russian) and DDI just puts their name on them
  4. SOLD SOLD SOLD Parting with my DDI-12 shotgun so no longer need this. Paypal gift or add the 4%. All items will be shipped USPS priority with tracking and the standard insurance coverage it comes with. Items are cross posted ***shipping in CONUS only*** 1) Pretty much new Pro Mag 12rd compact drum for Saiga 12 / DDI 12. This one has the semi see through smoked rear cover. Got it from sportsmansguide 2 days ago, and it had 12 rounds fired through it today - $50 shipped (Saves you about $20)
  5. Well guys, it looks like it might be the gun itself, seeing that I just got home and noticed the extractor is completely broken off the bolt. It may have been already broken at the time I was trying the drum causing hangup when trying to charge the weapon.
  6. Trying to determine what might be going on. I just took my DDI-12 to the range with my new Pro Mag drum and a few other mags and the Pro Mag drum did not work. Whether it was fully loaded with 12 rounds, or half loaded with 6 rounds, when I would seat the mag and try to charge the gun, the carrier would stop short before fully chambering the round every single time. Before the range, I noticed when messing with the mag that the follower / dummy round is very hard to push down sometimes, and noticed the same when loading it with live rounds. Some of them loaded easy and others you really had to
  7. Thanks for chiming in, Ill have to try to make it to an outdoor range somewhere in central FL that allows the public This particular indoor range only lets you shoot that exact federal birdshot i posted, and the other indoor ranges I go to only allow buckshot / slugs, no birdshot at all. So I really cant test other types of birdshot unless I find an outdoor range you do not have to be a member to go to
  8. Perfect, thanks. Just beamed my surefire x300 down the barrel and there are deff (4) gas port holes with light showing. No idea if they are the correct size, but the (4) go through
  9. from what I was able to see looking into the front of the gas block with the puck / regulator removed, it looked like it had (4) in a diamond shape. I could not see in there good enough to see if they were all drilled all the way through though. Using a flash light with my extremely limited view, none of them look like a clean hole that goes all the way through but the viewing angle gave did not really allow me to tell
  10. Nevermind guys, I saw a video on youtube of a guy who drilled / tapped his for a set screw to hold the the retention screw in place and he showed how to put it back together I do have another quesiton though, if taking it to the range this weekend with buckshot, should I start with the screw backed out a decent amount and only tighten it up for more pressure if need be?
  11. I just got back from the range for a quick test since getting my gun back from DDI........The good news is I had no issues with the action locking up like before sending it in. This range is a joke, you can ONLY shoot this particular birdshot shown below, or pay $10 for (5) rounds of federal buckshot. I wound up buying another 25rd box of the birdshot, and (1) 5rd box of buckshot (my ass still burns from the prison style rape) just to calm my racing mind. My gun would not cycle the birdshot for nothing, even with the gas on the furthest open setting (4 / large dot). It was the typical fire
  12. After I removed the factory puck it dawned on me I did not pay attention. The new forearm I put on is extended, making it harder to get the puck out since the factory puck did not move as freely as the CSS puck, so I did not realy want to drop it back in to see. The factory puck was a bit of a PITA to get out, almost as if the gun had 100 or more round through it, the CSS puck slides right out if I tip the gun barrel down
  13. Welp, got mine back from DDI today and hope has been restored. The action is much smoother with no hangup like previously. Just put it all together and will be taking it out Saturday morning with birdshot, buckshot and slugs.........we shall see gents
  14. Cool, thanks. Yea its a brand new gun with 15 rounds through it.
  15. Just put a CSS performance puck and Tac47 auto plug in my DDI-12. With the piston / everything back in place, if you tilt the gun down or up you can hear the puck slide a little back and forth, is that normal?
  16. Must have been mine that I sent back to them. I dont even know what the official issue diagnosis was or what was repaired. I just know it was sent back and arriving tomorrow
  17. Thanks. Im wondering if the Tac47 and a CSS puck would fit this
  18. I might just list my NIB replacement for sale locally and try to find an original fixed stock VEPR 12 that takes regular AK stocks or stock adapters since I already bought a buffer tube, CTR stock, limbsaver pad, etc EDIT: screw that, im taking it straight to the range! lol I think this 12ga has potential, we will see
  19. Besides what I have mentioned about mine, have you heard of issues elsewhere on these DDI-12's? I got to say, I am getting nervous / worried that besides bigshooterist, there are NO other reviews posted by MAC, AKOU, or anyone else that has them in hand for testing. Atlantic firearms has not even listed them on their site yet, and they received theirs 2 weeks ago when other distributors did. There only comment in the thread on akfiles was something a long the lines of that unlike other vendors, they thoroughly test the product to make sure its good to go before they list it. You would thin
  20. DDI is being awesome about it. UPS just picked this one up and DDI will be sending me a replacement they are going to look over head to toe before hand.
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