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  1. Thanks for the reply. I don't know if you noticed the rest of my post indicating that other things were canted on the rifle. I believe that if I do what you are saying, I will end up with the same cant in the front. It should sight in that way like it is now, but the cant bugs me a bit. Doing it that was certainly one of my options I listed. In fact, it is the easiest and likely the one I will go with. I just wondered if there were other opinions or options I hadn't thought of. I guess what I am asking is should I just expect some cant on any AK and learn to live with it?
  2. Why is this still a sticky, since all the pics are gone?
  3. Since I'm going to be trying this, anyone want to elaborate on the specifics of the block of wood? I get the bfh part, but what are the markings on that wood for? Is it drilled? Or need to be cut? Is that a brace for the breech, or just a block to drive the sight in place?
  4. So I bought a saiga that was converted in the rear only. Looking at the front, the fsb is slightly canted. But, the rifle is dead on at 60 yards with the sight post pretty much centered in the fsb. Further investigation shows the rear sight block is slightly canted and on top of that, the rear sight blade is tilted a bit in the block. The pivot on the blade doesn't sit fully in the notch in the rsb. So I'm guessing at the factory with all that, they left the fsb canted since it shoots poa as it is. Now I am going to put on a bulgarian fsb with 24mm threads. Should I just put it on can
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