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  1. Hey guys so I recently acquired and installed a kns adjustable gas piston for my saiga .308. I installed it but since Saiga .308 pistons have no shelf on them, I didn't get the correct length to stick out. Now, my rifle won't cycle at any setting of the kns piston. Can one of you tell me (as accurately as possible) tell me the length your piston sticks out from the bolt carrier? or maybe school me on the correct procedure for setting piston length if there is one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. If anyone is interested in purchasing, you can send me a private message
  3. With you just joining today I encourage you to post a FOR SALE item in the for sale section. ALSO...read the rules page found here: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules Very respectfully, GySgt New River
  4. I installed mine fairly easily. So what I did first was I removed the top cover/rail, then I backed out all the set screws that tension against the barrel. Then I removed the 2 pieces up front that made up the barrel bracket.I then screwed them together around the barrel then screwed that assembly into the front of the bottom section of the forend. from there I backed the forend up all the way into the trunnion, screwed in the screw into the trunnion, and installed the top cover. I them tightened everything up, snugged up the set screws (after puttiing a shim between them and the barrel) and i
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