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  1. Thanks Evl, you pointed it out, I can definitely see where they ground the welds down. I appreciate the information. I know I will enjoy this one as much as my Vepr. I also appreciate business like you and Mike getting on helping us little guys out.
  2. Thanks Mike. By the way, checked out your site and you do beautiful work. Amazing guns.
  3. According to the guy I got it from, it was already converted, then he sent off the bolt and cover to lightning bolt and they modified it and sent it back. That is probably the reason the rail remained. He didn’t know much about the gun other than shooting it. It was a mess when I got it but the price was right. I spent a couple hours taking it apart and scrubbing it to look like this. The fcg is all arsenal according to the stamping on all 3 parts and looks like the same set I bought for my vepr. I got the original 5 rd mag, the pro mag 10 and a 15rd promag drum. Here is a picture of the en
  4. Cool, if they did the work they did a great job. One of the better conversions I’ve seen around here. I haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet but just charging it with snap caps it feels as smooth as my vepr. I did a ton of work on it to get it to cycle cheap stuff. The trigger on the saiga isn’t as good, it’s a arsenal set like I put in the vepr so I will do the same with it. Any idea on model number of this? I see others posting like iz-108, 109 and such, I can’t find anything that identifies what mine started life as.
  5. It has the lightning bolt. The cover and the carrier are both laser engraved with the lightning bolt logo and serial number. The guy I got it from said he sent the bolt off and had it done.
  6. Everything is riveted. It seems they welded up the unused holes, did a really nice job inside and out, can’t tell they were there.
  7. I have searched and didn’t find the answer I was looking for so I really hope I’m not making a duplicate post. I was wondering if there is a way to figure out what model I have. I just picked up this converted saiga and beyond knowing what year(09) and that I have a threaded 19in barrel, I don’t know much else. Would like to know what model it was if possible. Also why the import mark for raa is covered up on the right side under a rectangular laser engraving. It says Tgi Knox on the left. One last question would be serial number, what does the t at the end mean, I normally see letters at the
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