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  1. Yes. I took a little material off the mag release lever so that unmodified AK mags would work. I've got 12 30rd mags and a chinese drum that all work flawlessly with the gun. Jason
  2. Saiga 7.62x39 purchased about two years ago, converted promptly. It's got a Tapco G2 FCG, US made pistol grip, ACE folding stock, also one of Dinzag's 2-piece handguard retainers which was never installed. Comes with 10 round Saiga mag, original buttstock. I never babied this gun. I've put about 4k rounds through it, and it runs like a fucking champ. It eats everything I feed it without any problems. Asking $380 FTF in Indiana or $425 out of state.
  3. Well, that's certainly more than I thought. Thanks vjor
  4. I'd like to second that huge thanks to 2ND GUNMAN.
  5. This adapter from www.gunsnstuff.net is the same thing as thisthis adapter from AK-USA/RPB-USA. Both are $9.99. Vjor, how much was the press-on bushing you got? What I'm going to do is get all three: Bulgarian or US made AK-74 brake, bushing, and thread adapter. From there I'll decide which is best. If I go with the press-on bushing option, I'll only be out ten bucks for the thread adapter. Either way, count on a write-up/how-to thread when I do it.
  6. The problem, as Chris explained to me, is that the part of the barrel under the shroud is around 22/1000th of an inch too big for an ideal 14mm x 1 LH thread. He said you could use the adjustable die, like IndyArms said, and risk it being threaded wrong or badly. If something should happen, I'd be completely screwed. He said several times that the threading die would most likely be destroyed after threading. However, if I get the bushing that fits over the Saiga front sight, and tack weld that into place, I would still be able to cut off the shroud on the front sight (bushing and all) and
  7. Just got off the phone with Chris at AK-USA and he says that if I cut off the shroud, the barrel will be around .022 (22 thousandths) inches off and will destroy the threading die (14mm x 1). But,he said he's got some bushing just like Vjor has, that slips over the front sight shroud. If I take off the front sight shroud, and try to thread the barrel for 14mm x1 and it gets screwed up, I'd be totally screwed. So, right now the plan is to get the bushing, have a friend tack-weld it on, then use the 24mm brake. The only things I have to worry about are making sure the bushing gets welded
  8. Vjor, I'm looking for a '74-type break also. I did find this adapter (bottom of the page) to use along with the brake you have there. To me, it looks like you can cut off the saiga front sight sleeve like stokstad did in this thread. Then install this adapter and then install the brake you've got there. Jason
  9. Well, that certainly put a damper on things. Thanks again IndyArms, Jason edit: While rifling through my list of AK stuff links, I found this. This seems to be the same brake that Vjor used, but they've got a thread adapter at the bottom of the page that goes from 14x1LH to 24x1 external threads, which should fit their brakes. Sounds like I can make this work after all.
  10. Thanks again IndyArms. I think I may try to get this done after my next paycheck. I'll probably go for the 2-piece, cause I know I'll end up with one later on. Do you know if this one from Kreb's the 2-piece design? Thanks, Jason
  11. IndyArms, thanks for the replies. Your brake is a 1 piece, correct? Could you clarify that a little? I'm not replacing the FSB, but what do you mean by 'it aligns with the plunger'? Thanks again, Jason
  12. I'm going to cut the fsb on my saiga like stokstad did in this thread. I looked on a few websites that sell the '74-type brakes and most are made for 14x1 LeftHand threads. I've got a couple questions first: How much of the shroud do I need to cut off? Is that the correct threading (14mm x 1 Left Hand) for this type of brake? Is there enough 'meat' to thread it for the 14x1 LH threads? Will this type of brake reduce muzzle climb and felt recoil? Just for the hell of it, here's a pic of my saiga: A few more pics of it and my SAR-1 here.
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