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  1. Thanks for the tip 🙄. I checked Westlaw and Lexis/Nexus for standalone 922R cases for individuals and couldn't find a one. That's not to say they don't exist, but I didn't want to waste any more of time to validate what I already knew from extensive reading about it and previous research. What I did find, however, is (#1) the link to your own website in your signature doesn't work and appears to be for sale: http://www.http.com//evlutionz.com (#2) in the handful of posts at the AK Files 37 in 7 years (with a literal 2-year break until recently) in addition to your posts here (6.6K) you come across as preoccupied, obsessed even, with bashing other vendors which is (#3) a not so thinly veiled attempt to drive business towards yourself which is (#4) laughable, considering #1. I get it, you win the Big Fish, small pond award. The work I have seen you do is top notch, which is what I'd expect from the exorbitant prices you charge (compared to some of the other vendors you're trying to malign), but with that being said I personally wouldn't ask you what time it was in a clock factory and give you a thin dime of my hard earned money because of #1-4...
  2. Ivan has an excellent reputation and I'm sure you won't be disappointed...now you got me thinking about my unconverted Saiga...hmmm....
  3. Did you get it from Ivan The Bear? You CAN'T go wrong with anything legit ZenitCo so y'all done good for sure! I'd say it's a coin toss between the two, I've seen more firearms kitted out with the PT-1 as opposed to the PT-3 so it'd be nice to see your Saiga with that stock installed if you can post a pic...
  4. You're welcome! And if you wanna do it right, it's gonna cost you and it's cheaper to do it right the first time around, otherwise you're gonna have to the second. Buy once, cry once as they say!
  5. My understanding is MD Arms is no longer making their drum so the only way to buy one would be used/secondary market. Like I said not a huge fan of a drum that...huge...! (sorry) Thanks! I'm fairly certain from my research that I'm not going to have an issue with 922r, which only applies to importers/manufacturers anyway, which is probably the main reason why you've never heard of anyone getting jammed up for it. There was a recent conversation about just that on the AK Files and with what I'm planning on it's a non-issue anyway...
  6. A quality adapter won't be cheap, I'd check with JMac Customs, Stormwerkz, Bonesteel Arms and of course Carolina Shooters Supply to put together what you need for starters...
  7. I recently picked up an unconverted Saiga-12 from my LGS and found my way here by way of the AK Files, the consensus there was this was THE place to learn about all things Saiga-12. It was a consignment sale and came complete with a Wraithmaker 20-round drum, two 5-round Izzy mags and one 10-round AGP Arms magazine. I was quite surprised when I initially handled it as I thought it was new, it barely had the typically safety lever scratch which normally happens after wiping the safety up and down a few times on any AK. The salesman at the LGS said if I was at all unsatisfied with it that I could return it for a full refund, which was kind of unusual as I've bought quite a few guns there and have never been told that. After doing my research on the AK Files and lurking here, I'm guessing the original owner went in whole hog (hence the Wraithmaker drum!) ran garbage ammo through it and encountered all sorts of malfunctions and was done with it. I took it to the range yesterday for a brief test fire using 2 boxes (50-rounds) of 2 3/4-inch 00 buck Remington reduced recoil (8-pellet, 3 dram equivalent, FPS unknown, not shown on the box) using all 4 of the magazines/drum. While I won't say that's at all a comprehensive evaluation of the its reliability, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised as it was malfunction free. I didn't futz with the gas regulator and just wanted to run it out of the box. I'm extremely anxious to convert it but wanted to make sure it was going to work out for me and since this is my go-to ammo I figure I'm going to move forward with that as soon as I can figure out which CSS kit I wanna go with. As a side note the drum weighed just over 5-pounds loaded and while it's a fun range toy I suppose, I'm likely going to sell it as I'm more than happy to run 8 or 10 round mags. I was impressed by the quality and machined billet aluminum construction and it admittedly looks cool as hell, even on an unconverted gun, just not my style. Lots of great how-to instructions, before and after pictures, etc. here and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can and applying it, I prefer to "buy once, cry once" whenever I can.
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