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  1.  When I had this house built, I had a commercial aluminum roof installed. 50 year warranty so any replacement will be SEP(someone else's problem).

     Asphalt shingles come in various weights, the heavier, the longer the guarantee. But climate and environmental conditions can greatly shorten their lifespan. Look for erosion in the space between tabs. That and poor flashing cause most leaks. 

     In MD I found that oil heat weaken shingles, and leaves do also. Both from the acid.

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  2. There were at least 4 different versions that I have seen and 3 have different gas systems.

    The first 2 versions have smaller gas pistons,neither interchangeable. The third and forth use the S-12 piston, and the only difference is the longer extension fingers to shoot 2 3/4' shells (only with 2 3/4' mags).

    The 3rd and forth are most common, so if you have a version with the large piston, the S-12 manual is all you need.

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