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  1. I was looking at building a Bulgarian AK , I have already built several Romanian AKs. From looking at the Bulgarian parts kits. I can not see any real difference other then the front pistol grip (and price) on the Romanian rifle. Is there someone that can point out any real differences if any??
  2. Hi all, I am looking for suggestions for an EDC pocket knife for my daughter for her birthday/Christmas. This will be her first "real" knife, something beyond the no name steel of a budget knife. Here are my criteria at the moment: Price: $25 max... she is not the most careful of people with her stuff so the knife needs to be affordable to replace in the event of it being lost. Less would be nice for now. Steel: stainless, not carbon... see comment above lol. Blade: under 3" but not too much under - maybe 2.5". Fine edge, not serrated... I want her to be able to learn how t
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