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    Photography, clay trap shooting, Glock range shooting, RV'ing, and building first Saiga 12!
  1. This site has changed, ask Mac to check his records, a contribution check was sent to Mac's address late 08 or 09 from Michael Boland. I could retrieve the canceled check and Mac can burn up a bunch of time looking for the contribution, (not a small one.) I'll just go else-ware, as its not worth the time to chase down a lousy twenty dollar contribution record. Thanks for noting the wrong post in the wrong section, knew I screwed something up! lol. Please say hi to cobra, Conju and Mac for me. Take care Michael Boland
  2. Please note 1A in particular................. Ad Posting Rules: 1.A ONLY CONTRIBUTORS ARE ALLOWED TO POST ADS ON THIS SITE!!! To be able to post ads on this site you have to be a member of the ”Contributors” group! If you wish to find out how to become a Contributor please click here 1.B NO FISHING FOR VALUES OR PRICE QUOTES IF YOU ARE NOT A CONTRIBUTOR... Please do not mention or start threads saying that you "thinking about selling" unless you are a member of he ”Contributors” group as DOING THIS IN A PUBLIC FORUM WELL BE CONSIDERED AS ADVERTISING OR POSTING AN AD. 1.C IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS or AN INDIVIDUAL OFFERING SERVICES... You have to become a Business Member to post for sale ads and/or offer your services on this site. (This rule is strictly enforced.) 2. CROSS-POSTING ALLOWED? Generally, cross-posting is NOT welcome as it creates a very bad taste in everyone's mouth if one of the members here wants to buy it and it is already has been sold elsewhere. However, if you would like to offer your item for sale here and somewhere else you MUST make a clear in the ad that it is being cross-posted!!! 3. THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION SITE! If you offer something for sale on this site, please post a price. If you do not find anyone interested you are more than welcome to lower the price in the additional post. This is NOT eBay or Gunbroker - there is no bidding system. 4. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! If you have gotten a reply form one of the member saying ”I’ll take it!”, ”PM sent!”, or something of that nature, you should give the priority to the first member that replied!!! NOTE: The expression ”PM sent” means that you were sent communication with transaction details using Personal Messenger on this board. 5. NO TROLLING!!! Do not post any negative remarks toward the other members or items they have for sale! The feedback section is the appropriate section for such posts! 6. ”SOLD”, ”SOLD - PENDING FUNDS”, ”STILL AVAILABLE” Please update your ads with the appropriate status as often as possible so other member would know what is going on, especially if you cross-post!!! NOTE: Please be advised that if you do not follow these simple rules, your ads will be removed by the administrators and moderators and you will receive a warning and/or permanent ban from this site. Recurring offense of these rules will definitely result in a permanent ban from this site. In addition this post is in a section for ads that are five years old or better. Please consider becoming a contributor with a one time $5 donation and ads are okay.
  3. Hi all....looking for a 45, home protection handgun. I have a Glock 40 cal. I use for carry. Just looking for something I can put a lazer sight and a light on, so I would prefer something with an accessory rail. I will only purchase from private party in or around Oregon! Phone: 541-255-2204
  4. I'm pissed Mac..You're directing me pay through PayPal...all I wanted to do is donate, with a credit card. PayPal is a huge risk to clients that have major balances...perhaps you should look into the latter. You, Mac...for a simple, donation has involved three people now for me to donate. My People will send you a check....however-limited to $20.00
  5. azhunter12 Posted Today, 07:32 PM I might be interested. Does the price include shipping? Hey Az, Good question, I hadn't planned shipping included, I'm not sure how much shipping would be. I do have a FedEx account, I will weigh and find out how much, however I will need a zip code for exact pricing. I'm willing to work with you on the shipping price. I will PM you with my phone number, if you would like to make an offer!
  6. If anyone in here would like to purchase the Saiga 12/24", price is $450.00 includes, one five and one 10 round magazine, original box and papers. Limbsave butt pad not incluced. S&W revolver is priced at $500.00 about 200 rounds through it. Anyone know where I can find a good classified ad site to offer these guns? I've seen alot of auction sites, however I'm not sure I wana go through all the BS just to sell a gun.
  7. I've shot 3000 rounds of Fedaral 7.5 and 8 shot, through three Saiga's, and a Berrtta. Jams occured on two of the Saiga's the first two hundred rounds. Walmart has the 100 rd box @ $18.00
  8. Bummer you can't make-it-325time!...we will look forward to seeing you in Sept/October! We will have plenty of photos and videos for you and everyone to hold us till the next Saiga-Fest!
  9. Hi there Congu, Looks like we have about fifteen to 20 folks coming. we have plenty of tables, abit short on folding chairs. Potato salad would be great. I have metal plinker targtes for 22's and 40 Cal. We use the 135 count White flyer clays. They work best in the elec trap thower. We can shoot 100 clays in about fifteen minutes with the elec trap Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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