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  1. 45leadslinger

    Fun new 10/22!

    That looks like great fun. hell I would give up my saiga 20 for that. i might have to put that thing up for sale. shooting 22lr from that platform hmmmmmm. let me know how it went.
  2. 45leadslinger

    .223 carbine rifles which to choose?

    I think everyone gets a mini 14 at some point in their life. Not that there are bad but definately leave you wanting more. I am sportserizing a 1911 swed 6.5 bolt action for those really long shots. What about the accuracy comparison saiga and ak .223? Anyone get any feed back on the ar15 gas piston operated ar's.
  3. 45leadslinger

    .223 carbine rifles which to choose?

    here is what i am looking for: I want a good realiable cheap (realtive-willing to pay more for realiable and accurate), able to handle cheap ammo, accurate out to 500mm. Basically a fun easy on the pocket weekly shooter and great SHTF gun. i have been looking at the .223 carbine again and still remain confused. 1. i know the AR has great accuracy but the in the field realiablity suffers due to not being able to clean that often. 2, The ak has great reliablity but accuracy suffers past 100yds. I dont' know about the ak .223 3. Then add in the saiga and the cost of the conversion. would it be cheaper to buy an already built ak .223? What are the accuracy differences and mag realiability. 3. the new gas piston ar's are out but man 1500 or more is steep. any help getting my options down to a couple of good battle worthy rifles would be appreciated. thanks in advance Paul
  4. ] well no need to trade. didn't want to let it go anyway. Just got great deal on ak .223 someones been a good boy. schweeet!
  5. looking for an ak .223 in great condition and mags to trade for a detonic combatmaster 45acp. email me for pic and any other info.
  6. 45leadslinger

    anyone else out there own a 20?

    pnguyen678 sounds great. i have been too busy to get to do any shooting. i am going to try toget to gaylans and get some heavy loads and do a test myself.
  7. 45leadslinger

    anyone else out there own a 20?

    believe it or not the best price i have run across here in maryland has been a Gaylans, a big sports store chain. I agree about a gun being good to go right out of the box. Having said that most guns do need some sort of breaking in period. The last time I talked with the gun smith at EAA he said the main reason is that the bolt for the 20 is pretty heavy and the fact that the gun needs to be shot well to broken in. I thought the dove loads would do the breaking in but not the case. I am hoping 100 rounds of winchester heavy loads will do the trick.
  8. 45leadslinger

    Trimming the recoil spring

    macrophage, what was the verdict?
  9. 45leadslinger

    anyone else out there own a 20?

    pnguyen678, yeah i have had no problem hand cycling but some jamming and FTE 2 3/4 still. The gun smith at EAA said I should break it in with heavy loads. I thought the heavy dove loads would be enough. I am going to get winchester AAA heavy loads 3 inch and shoot the piss out of this thing and then go back to medium to light 2 3/4 to see if there is a difference. Mr. Fubar, Kind of wish i would have never sold my east german Mak. great little gun I couldn't help but sell it to help me buy my detonics compat 45acp.
  10. 45leadslinger

    Saiga 20 gauge (2) mags for sale

    OH sorry! Mags are sold. I must have to much on my mind. I am glad someone finally noticed I was begining to think that eveyone lost their sense of humor.
  11. 45leadslinger

    anyone else out there own a 20?

    great!! I am glad to hear that there are others out there. i am having fun with mine and the pg conversion stuff waiting for sept. Still looking for good rounds to work without probs.
  12. 45leadslinger

    Flashlight Mounts???

    some decent rails and mounts at blackjack buffer's sight that should work well. www.blackjackbuffers.com
  13. 45leadslinger

    23/4 in shells in a 3 in. mag

    no problem. he is great to do business with. I usually got a response with in the same day.
  14. 45leadslinger

    anyone else out there own a 20?

    I am beging to wander if i am the only one left who owns and shoots a 20. I would be interested in hearing range reports, opinions, upgrades etc. Come on you 20 owners don't be intimidated by the 12 gauge guys. look at the 410 board it has alot of activity.