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    I don't think this is a problem at all. The gun is begging you to make it a SBS is all. Have Tony cut 11" off the bad end and all is good! Sounds like a very easy decision to me.
  2. Thanks!! I guess that puts me in the "blind" category. In my defense though, there was no mention of the adapter in the title.
  3. I swear there was a thread on a company working on an adapter for FAL mags, but I can't seem to find it. Did it disappear, am I crazy, or blind? thanks
  4. Hi, the folding/ collapsing stock came from Tromix. It looks like he used Ace hardware for it. The top rail is a Ultimax that Tony put on (it's been shortened and welded in place to fit). I'm going to guess he's not going to do the top rail anymore. I ordered 3 of these guns, and he really didn't want to do the top rail because he didn't think I would like it. It really is great, I just haven't had a chance to put an optic on it yet, but I will very soon.
  5. Thanks! It's a Tango Down stubby, the original style. The QD version doesn't fit as well on the Tromix rails because it put it a little further back and hangs off the rail. The original style works great, it just needed some very minor radiusing along the front edge.
  6. Hi, I have three 8" S12's on order with you (BTW, how do I know what my order number is??), and I originally wanted HK sights on them, buy I'm curious if either of your Jpoint mounts (the dovetail or welded competition model) co-witness with the Hk sights, or if it's possible to make them co-witness? thanks, and my partners and I can't wait for our guns to arrive! SJ
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