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  1. Hey everyone while I was saving up the money for the 4-8X42mm I found a 8X-42mm with AK rail and I got it for a very reasonable price because the seller thought the illuminated teticle didn't work, so I took a chance and bought it and changed the batteries and left it in the on position for a few minutes and sure enough it worked fine. Unfortunately its the gray hammerite finish not the matte black but I am keeping my eye out for a scope in black. (Tantal told me the black scopes are made for the commercial market and rarer than the meduim gray colored ones.) so far I haven't had a chance to try the scope on a rifle other than my SAR-1 but it seemed to fit fine and the iron sight can easily be seen with the scope in place. Saigaczech yours must have had issues due to it being a dragunov SVD mount instead of the AK type. Can't wait to give it a try! Buck Shott
  2. I found a site that sell SVD "like" flash hiders for the AK. http://www.impactglobalarms.com/Sales/Sale...sales1169405292 I presume these are 14mm LH thread but I am not sure the diameter of a Saiga .308 barrel vs. A standard AK barrel. The M60 break might be the way to go. I know how to drill and tap and setting the front site back doesn't look like it would be that hard. Is there anyway you can post a pic the m60 flash hider on your rifle Buckandqaurter? Thanks Buck Shott
  3. To anyone who is interested in this rifle get the added skelton stock I bought one from MAA and it the best acessorie I have added to any saiga rifle. It replaces the original stock easily and is very sturdy. If you don't plan on doing a pistol grip conversion this is the best stock for the saiga rifle. Buck Shott
  4. Hey everyone I have been thinking about dressing up my newly restocked saiga .308 with some sort of flash hider/ supressor. I considered attaching an Actual SVD frontsite/muzzlebreak sight base but I can't find any for sale anymore and I heard unfortunately that dragunovparts.com went out of business I wondered if Izhmash made muzzle breaks for saigas that replaced the front site. Or if I will have to make or adapt one. I thought that an M60 muzzle break or a PKM muzzle break would look pretty close. Any ideas or other options? Im sure someone makes a muzzle break that is close to the SVD's and im sure I have seen saigas in other countries with the new cone shaped SVD style muzzle break. Thanks Buck Shott
  5. Hey everyone Today I was looking at how SVD hand gaurds work and they are actually fairly similiar to FAL handgaurds. So I am trying to figrue out how to mount an old Penguin FAL forend on my saiga .308 I know I once saw a picture of a saiga withe t-48 handgaurds on it but Im not sure how they attached them. Buck Shott
  6. Hey everyone I found a global trades RPK sight in some of my old AK parts so I decided to take off my original 300m marked Siaga sight. The new sight looks really good but im not sure if it will be in the way when I attach a scope to it. I hope the bell doesn't interfer with the rear sights but it shouldn't with an AK scope mount. The only trouble is the RPK scope mount is only 800m marked and when it is set at 100M is really sitting in the 300m battle field sight setting. I didn't know the 800M sight is actually shorter I just didn't think it went up at high as the 1000M version. Havent shot it yet but I thought it would be a good addition to the Saiga .308 now that I have the dragunov style stock on it. Buck Shott
  7. Hey everyone I am thinking about purchasing a 4-8X42 POSP scope for my Saiga .308, it seems like it would be an excellent scope for this particular rifle. It has all the benefits of the regular fixed power POSP scopes and its like owning the 4x, 6x and 8x scope all in one. I was also considering the 1p21 scope but its looks very heavy and large and the universal mount looks complicated. However Kalinka and other sell a very similar scope to the 1p21 that is 2-9 variable that fits the weaver side mounts. Speaking of which I have two of these both are Belorussian and one is marked MTK-68 made in Belarus and other is all black and only says made in Belarus. Both of these are low mounts and the rear sight cannot be seen when they are installed on the rifle but i could use either of these to mount a scope on my rifle. What do you all suggest and if anyone has a review of any of the variable power POSP scopes I would be greatly interested. Buck Shott
  8. I don't own a Saiga .410 but I have owned a single shot .410 bore shotgun and harvested a lot of game with it. I cannot remember how many partridge, woodcock and rabbits I shot with it and I shot my first deer with it as well. Which was a 100 lb. Doe deer and the shot was taken from 50 yards away. The deer went down like a ton of bricks and never got up. My father in law has taken 3 deer with his .410 from 25-50 yards away or so and 75 yards seems to be the maximum range for decent accuracy. Though attaching a pistol scope on his shotgun increased accuracy potential significantly. The .410 does have a few problems though and one of the most critical issues is matching the correct load for your gun. Foster slugs for example very greatly diameter, as some are made to be fired from cylinder bore gun and others from modified or full choke guns so they are smaller diameter. However most .410 shotgun are full choke because its assumed they are going to be used mainly with shot. I have shot brenneke slugs from my father in laws .410 with poor results they almost alway key holed and accuracy was poor but this was a full choke gun and smooth bore so I think it is a case of the load not matching the particular gun. With 2 1/2 Remington slugs we where able to shoot 2-3 inch groups at 25-50 yards. As for shot I used 3" federal and I have always tried to use it more as if it was a rifle. Even when wing shooting I lead the birds very little, to not at all as the shot concentration is thin and spreads out fast. To be successful afield with a .410 you learn to be an accurate and fast shot. Incidentally when I moved up to shooting 20 gauge and 12 gauge shotguns I was surprised how much longer you could wait to shoot, and still hit your target. Shooting the .410 almost exclusively from age 10 -14 hunting afield made me a good shot on the skeet range. Initially I used my .410 but only had about 50% success Then I moved up to a 20 gauge and hit single easily. Carry the .410 hunting really increased my speed, learning to shoot as fast as I did made me able to shoot doubles with larger gauges shotguns fairly easily and I am able to shoot a triples with a pump action 12 gauge most of the time. As far as its terminal effect I have never had a problem with that. It has killed all the game I have shot with it cleanly and quickly. Patterning your shotgun for hunting is important as I discovered my .410 had a denser patter close to the top shot pattern so I if shooting a target on the ground I aimed at the feet of the creature I wanted to shoot especially with partridge as they stand rather tall for a bird somewhat like a chicken. Most rank the slugs somewhere in the range of a 357 magnum fired from a pistol. I am not sure of that exactly but shooting the .410reminds me of shooting older straight walled black powder cartridges like the 38-40 and 44-40. I have never tried a buckshot load mainly because 3 pellets isn't very adequate unless its fired from a handgun of some type but if you hand load you can make 6 ball load for 3 inch shells which isn't to bad. While this insn't strickly about .410 saiga's I have always wanted to take a saiga 410 and rebarrel it 45-70 I think that would an awesome woods gun. Buck Shott
  9. MAA did a great job of explaining the item and staying in contact with me through the whole buying and shipping process. He made it very easy to do business with and I was extremely happy with the product. Buck Shott
  10. I received the stock today from a member of these forums. It easily attached to my Saiga .308 and it is Awesome! It looks and feels Much better than I expected and is a huge improvement over the standard hollow stock. It reduces the overall length of the rifle and its very comfortable for my hand and it gives a good cheek weld, for iron sights or with the cheek rest for use with optics.. It also looks fairly similar to the SVD polymer stock. It is was well worth the investment and I hope to shoot it soon I will keep you updated on how I like it at the range. Eugene: The 6x42 looks really great on the rifle and its powerful enough for most shooting anyone would do at combat ranges. What kind of sling are you looking for? I put a leather tab Chinese SKS sling on my rifle and it works well. Buck Shott
  11. That looks awesome!!!! I am really excited now... by the way what power is your scope?? I need optics for mine as well. I am also thinking of putting some sort of flash hider on it perhaps. My stock should be coming soon. Buck Shott
  12. If the buyer of the M1A/M14 magazine fall thru I'll take it. Buck Shott
  13. I handled one one at a gunshop the other day and it fit my hand perfectly!. That being said a few years ago I crushed my right hand in a industrial accident, So it may not fit a regular hand as well. One thing I was concerned about is having the safety lever so far away, but I think I'll get used to it. I decided to purchase on from a member of these forums so I will let you know how it works once I get it. Brother in Arms
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