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  1. it has been a little more than a year since we lost our Icelandic friend, Baddi. He was a world champion shot, and this is a photo of him at the range zeroing his ruger, after he got "special parts"  from "somewhere" for it for accuracy. he often told me that this was his favorite gun.   a little old .22......


  2. its not bad, nothing like the beast. the original mags were the hard part. the only parts that arent new or unissued are the grips! nodak65 receiver, new production barrel, everything newly park'd, rare FEG mags UNISSUED (thanks for the heads up Mark). holds a good group at 50yds, not uncomfortable to shoot like the FA 12g was. after oil bath of a week, still has not tried to rust in florida salt and humidity air after 4? months? ish? very tight fit, only wobble is in the gas tube, may source a crush spring to fix that annoyance. other than that , really the only thing missing is its own case. 900 all in shipped built finished transfer mags etc,and its done to my standards, not some century crank em out job. ill eventually form 1 it and cut it back to 12.5", but thats another day.

  3. you dogged it, shot it, and knifed it....what was the backup plan? a rock? LOL gotta love hog hunting....the only means prohibited for taking them (almost only I should say) is a friggin IED. Theres a dude around my parts that takes them with a 1 pounder revolutionary era cannon off his airboat....

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