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Another Rem 700 build question

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Hey Guys:


I'm still trying to get educated and gather all the details for a build I have in mind using a Boyd's Pro Varmint gunstock per earlier posts. First, I admit I'm choosing a Boyds stock simply because of price. I really like the McMillan A-4. However, the Boyds Pro Varmint stock looks like the McMillan A-5 and costs much less. I also already have a Pro Varmint stock for a heavy barrel 10/22 project so it'd be fun to have matching rifles. I think a Shilen #8 bull barrel is what I'll get.


Anyway ... I want to use a Rem 700 short action receiver for a .308 rifle. Boyds offers many inletting options. My question is should I get a stock inletted for a 700 BDL if I want to use a 10-round detachable magazine? It's my understanding the 700 ADL holds rounds only inside stock (like four or five). I've gotten the impression BDLs can be modified to use detachable magazines.


If so, how? Which parts might I need to order? Aftermarket bottom metals? If I'm thinking right, who makes detachable magazines for Rem 700 BDLs? I've just gotta have that tactical look.


I am not taking a barrel & receiver from a factory rifle and dropping it into a Boyds stock. I'll be using the stock to accept a Rem 700 short action receive and a bull barrel. I know I'll need to get a recoil lug since a custom barrel won't come with one. It'll just be chambered and threaded for .308 Win.


I hope I'm asking the right questions. This will be my first build, but I'm not a gunsmith.


Thank you.



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On my Model 7 300 Blackout build, I first tried PTG bottom metal for AICS magazines, and I could not get it to feed at all.  But that issue may have been specific to the Blackout round.  I ended up with the factory Remington parts, which at least worked.  If you are going for aftermarket bottom metal for detachable magazines, your stock will most likely have to be custom inletted to fit it. Get a decent trigger if you don't already have one.  I used a Timney which I have been happy with.


Also, have your muzzle threaded 5/8-24 in case you decide to get a can later.  That is the most common thread size for a .30 caliber can.

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