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PuffGun Saiga .308 Review


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Posted 09 June 2018 - 08:31 PM

Picked up 4 PufGun .308 magazines from Russia through LegionUSA.


I made a review as follows, as my 2nd revision of the original writing.


I have doubts that it will make it on the page in its whole form as follows as other products were mentioned and the fitting might be unpopular, still recommended though:


"Fitting was required, because the rifle had a RAM Enhanced Speed Catch. 
Problems occurred which lead us to recommend that the lugs of the PuffGun mag be compared to the lugs of a mag you know works to see if they need to be filed before inserting the magazine in the arm.  Just invert one mag next to one in your hand, interlock the lugs for comparison, in front of a bright back ground, and see if the lug is longer than your usual mags and needs a dressing down with a razor knife, dremel or file.  EASY!
The above non-factory add on required disassembly to remove the mag on the initial test.  Fitting work was:
- 1/16" or 1/8" cut off the lug (per above),
- cut out part of the 5th rd flange in the back where the mag latch contacted the housing in order to get more sweep of the latch, 
- may take some of the lower base of the latch off to gain an even more positive hold on the lug.
In comparison to steel mags this PufGun Mag is the BEST Poly option for the Saiga with great spring strength, great follower motion.
PufGun against steel is 
minus 1oz., 
.5" longer (but 3/8-5/8" shorter than ProMag or SGM) and more hopeful to fit in Webgear (Does not fit 3 in ALCE AK/.308 pouch), 
- you save about $20.
SGM and Promag are 1.8oz heavier loaded, have lighter spring pressure, and the Promag follower stops at the top when pressed down at the tip (binding).
SGM's only perceived advantage is follower motion like the old FBMG/Uinta mags as the follower completely descends when pressed in at the front lug, and that is the analysis of the only SGM we have kept around acquired on trade, as the only other one ever tried did not feed the first 8 rounds and we resigned from trying anymore.
SGM's can be $5-10 more and Promags $9 less.
This buyer holds that the difference above is worth the effort for the gun, and this PufGun Mag is the right Poly for the Saiga .308.
Russian is what Russian does..."
I believe I was nice in writing this.
Promag and SGM users will no doubt have some differing views, and as long as the products are working for them that is what is most important.
The best polys we have around before the Pufs are the FBMG's with the Wolff AK Springs giving them some push, but as we all know, Poly has life limitations, even these.
So, PufGun is here, don't miss out.

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Posted 10 June 2018 - 12:06 PM

Pufgun magazines are commercial products made in russia. Think Russian Pro-mag or Tapco.. They are basically $10 in russia.

They are not using a very high glass fiber content, probably less than tapcos. Probably a little higher than SGM.



At present I either need to redo the tooling on the steel Saiga .308, I knew it was getting close to the end of its service life and last batch one of the large pieces had a corner wipe off about 20 parts from the end.


I probably have a year or two supply, back in the boom days of 2011 it would have been a months supply.




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Posted 11 June 2018 - 01:02 PM

As the man who has kept the Saiga .308 from being a mere US Market 8rd relic and is instead an appreciable MBR, your comments are never without weight.


For your efforts so many are thankful and will look to the CSSPEC Saiga 20 rd. as the gold standard for the weapon.


Would love to see Kalashnikov USA produce them here, as the US Military begins its move away from the 5.56 and towards the 6.5 Creedmoor if not the return to the .308.


Even if Kalash makes 6.5 AKs, or someone starts making 6.5 AK barrels for us to switch out with our .308's, the magazines will still fit the bullet and the gun.


More CSSPEC mag purchases from here are seen in the future.

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