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I went out to dump some scrap wood in the burner last night and got surprised by a horde of raccoons by the door.   Ran inside and grabbed the 10/22 and a BX-25 mag and loaded 10 CCI Stingers.  On lock and load, the first round jammed in the mag and had to be pried out of the mag.  The bullet got rammed into the case somehow, and refused to feed.  Next round fed fine, and I headed around the house to engage.  Dropped the first one in his tracks, and the coons scattered.  The next coon I had targeted, started to run and made it to the ceasefire line before I could nail him.  I turned on the lantern when I heard a rustle from the inverted mulberry tree.  Shining the light up into the tree I saw three more in the top of the tree.  One began climbing down, and I was too close to use the scope, so I put the muzzle a foot from his head and pulled the trigger.  Heard a thump of a body hitting the ground as the tree shook.  NO BODY!  NOT EVEN A BLOOD TRAIL!  ??????  Two more were still up there and I nailed the next.  As he hung in the tree drooling blood, the last one tried crawling down the branches not giving me a head shot, so I let him have it roughly in the ribcage, and heard him hit the ground.  He ran and made it to a ceasefire line, but he was moving slow.  Again no blood trail! ???  The two I did bag, the Stingers really messed them up.  The other two probables couldn't have been missed, as I was darn near poking them with the muzzle.  Hope they regroup and try again!  I'll be waiting!  I think this is the horde of groundhogs that a neighbor saw.  She said there were 5 of them.


Anyone else have the jamming problem with the BX-25 mags?  I have never seen that before with any Ruger mag.

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I have Fifteen, (15) Ruger BX-25 mags and all fifteen, (15) run 100% from start to finish.  For the usual summer dinky various garden monsters I prefer to use the German GSG 110 round rotary drum.  One hundred percent function with Aquila SSS 60 grain solid lead sub sonic rounds slightly hollow pointed with the usual hollowing pointing tool.  Shoot 50 rds then rewind up the spring.  Shoot 50.

Check you chamber to see if you have any extractor chamber peening.  My short barrel folding stock suppressed Ruger 10-22 does not like to be dry fired.  Green Mountain Bentz 8" HB SS 1x9 twist threaded barrel.  Elite Iron Echo Two 6 Inch can.  The usual Vorquartson insides.  Stock recoil spring.  Do you have a bunch of plastic dummy rounds you can cycle and snap through the action?  Good luck.

All Oregon State Laws, US Code Laws, NFA Laws And BATFE Rules And Regulations Apply.  Your State Gun Laws May Vary Greatly.

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I've had old/faulty ammunition problems in the past, but this is the first real mechanical problem that I've had since the weapon went runaway full auto from a gummed up firing pin.  This rifle has been a happy little chatterbox since I was 8.  Never had a problem with the BX-10, and Bingham mags.  This is the first I've seen with the BX-25.

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