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Federal GMM powder?

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I hope it's ok to ask, but I was wondering if anyone knows for sure what kind of powder Federal loads into their .308 Gold Medal Match rounds with SMK bullets. 

I ask only because the Sierra manual says Reloader 15, but I've seen a couple of videos on Youtube where folks insist it's an IMR powder.

I'm just wondering because .... like everyone else ... I'm keeping my brass with the intention to reload one of these days. I've been buying Sierra 168 gr. SMK bullets whenever I can, finally got Federal 210M primers too. I just need powder and brass. I'd like to reload with whatever Federal uses.

I know everyone's gaga over the 6.5 Creedmore, but .308 is still a proven cartridge.

Thanks! :-)



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There is a ton of data on the web on this subject. Expand your search from YouTube out to many of the gun forums (Highroad has an extensive thread) and study the posts. A lot of great information.. 

I have seen IMR-4064 listed as the culprit in multiple threads on multiple forums, but recommended charge load varies. 

I have found Federal brass to be on the soft side, thus potentially reducing the number of reloads, but if you are reloading precision rifle ammunition for a single rifle, I recommend you use fire formed brass from the rifle you intend to  reload for and neck resize.

Lastly, I would say don’t get too hung up on perfectly matching FGMM ammo.  Both Varget and IMR 4064 produce excellent accuracy and precision using FGMM bullets. I have found both of these powders can produce sub .5” five shot groups with Fed. FGGM 175 grains and Hornady 178 gr AMAX and Match bullets. Work up some loads using the info on the web,  but also keep in mind safe published working pressures at mins and max charges for the powder you use. Work safe and work up. Find out what your rifle likes. As good as FGMM shoots, (and it is great ammo),  I have found that you can improve upon its results. Good luck.

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