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Hi Guys:

I'm still dreaming about getting a custom .308 Winchester bull barreled rifle made one day just for the fun of it, and have an excuse to get a McMillan stock. I like their A-4 stock. I have a few of questions some of you might be able to answer.

1) Several barrels whose contours I like differ in one dimension I can only describe as the length of the barrel's chamber region (I think they assume you already know what it is). Any tapering towards the muzzle occurs after this section. It is a straight section of the barrel. Some barrels have this section as 3" long. Others have it as 4" or 5" long. How do you choose? Does it matter? Two contours I like both have the same chamber end diameters of 1.220". One difference is this one straight length dimension with one being 3" and the other 5". They are a heavy varmint and a heavy bull barrel respectively. I always thought you just pick a contour and get it chambered for the cartridge you want to shoot.

2) I'll get a Remington 700 action blueprinted. Once I have that and a barrel, are there any other components you need for your action/barrel combination. I've heard of a part called a recoil lug. Would I need one of those too? I assume it goes between the action and the barrel somehow.

3) If I want to use magazines, how do you go about getting an action or stock to accept those? As of now, I'm thinking of going "BDL" with this to keep things simple, do less work to the stock, and just hold rounds internally. However, having a 10-round magazine would be nice.

Right now, all I know is the McMillan A-4 can accept the kind of barrel I'm thinking of getting made. Boyd's makes a stock that looks like their A-5. That is a less costly alternative.

Thank guys. I know what I want to do. I just don't know all the jargon yet.




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I would ponder what you are going to use the gun for. If it is for range shooting dump the 10 round mag Idea . You need to put the time into talking to  people who shoot custom guns , most will go out of their way to share what works and what does not.

Bull barrels are nice but some lighter barrels will shoot as good , as the barrel is only one part of perfection. I do not shoot heavy barrels .

I  have become a big fan of 5R rifling in the 308 ,  De-Resonator  , 3lb triggers and barrel T-stat. Also have mixed feelings about  bedding a poly stock ( not sure the effort is worth it) but I just shoot targets and your mileage may vary.

Good Luck and have a great one

I will be pulling some  308 bullets this afternoon with a nice cup of coffee maybe two

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