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Still alive and kicking, with an idea....

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Hey guys, long time.  I've been busy for the last few years doing contract work for a friend who started his own company.  Basically, busy as heck.  However, I have not lost my love for our beloved Saigas.  I noticed that several folks have the Lynx 12's on sale pretty cheap right now and have a question about these.  Do you all think one would make a decent platform for an SBS?  Also, is anyone here in the states making a Saiga 12K style gas block and system?  Basically, I want to try and turn a Lynx into a Saiga 12k clone.  Has this been done yet?


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Good questions, ya have my interest... Shame that this is no longer an alive enough place to get real answers and discussion.

I've been thinking about picking one up, I mean hell, they're less than $400.

But right now I've a current money pit project, having my Saiga 7.62x39 converted to an AK-103.

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On 4/18/2022 at 3:15 PM, Zoolander said:

Have you looked at the KS12? They're about twice as much but are basically a carbon copy of Saigas. 

I have a pair of Komrads and just picked up a Khaos. Its a bit different with a slide mechanism on the trigger. Not too sure about how its configured but I will be getting into it shortly. Have not had it out as of yet but I believe it will run as good as the Komrads which run very slick without ANY issues. No issues even with one ounce low power leads (1145FPS) The KUSA 12 gauge firearms are pretty well made, a notch above the Saiga 12's in workmanship and possibly materials. Can't go wrong with the KUSA's. Not a fan of their handguards so looking at ideas on how to change/modify them for the better look and function if that's possible....We'll see. 04/28/23

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