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Saiga 12 in factory camo

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I have a Saiga 12 in factory camo that I purchased in 2005,it was sold as a model 123. I have not seen a camo model other than the one I purchased and am curious as to how many camo models there might be and if there might be a premium on its value..? Thanks in advance for any replies 

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The camo pattern colors are green brown tan and black on everything except barrel ,I have the original matching 5 rd magazine, I went to a Gunshow years ago looking for a black one,they had nothing. I then stopped at a gun store on the way home and stumbled into it….! Thanks for your reply..!

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So the camo ones didn't get imported by any other importer except EAA.  The green was far and away the most common one.  There is a brown camo that looks like fake wood as well.

Overall they weren't as popular as most folks were not using Saiga-12s for hunting. When I found mine I paid $100 over the cost of the black ones.

The last listing I found.

So really there are just so few of them it's hard to best guess what sort of price they would bring.  There would also have to be a Saiga aficionado around interested. 


SDC11426 (Medium).JPG

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Thanks for the great info, I paid $355 back then ,I believe that was $30 or $40 over the black base model. I used it for a while hunting, got a couple deer but found in heavy brush the mag release got snagged and mag would drop out without much notice ! Excellent to see an ad from the time!

Definitely a Saiga Fan item…!

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