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Gas Port monkeys

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So I went and won a Saiga-12 on Gunjoker. It had a fair amount of mall ninja crap attached to it but nothing looked irreversible.  Once I got it home I pulled the gas puck out to clean it. Dropping the gas regulator out I became worried as the chunks of gunk were pretty large.  Getting more light on the subject revealed that some folks shouldn't be allowed near power tools.  This is a 19" barrel so I'm assuming it was the three holes in a triangle pattern. Looks like someone went hog wild on enlarging the port.


Took it out today, barely ran birdshot. It didn't choke on 00 buck on setting two but it wouldn't run on setting 1.  The fouling after suffering through a couple of boxes was pretty extensive. This coming from a guy who didn't clean the gas system his first S-12 till after 2,000 rounds just to wait for it to fail.  After cleaning up the gun I got out the big hammer and knocked things apart. The barrel is still in the action but I stripped everything else off. forward of the receiver.

For the few tinkerers still checking in, do I get this Tig welded and try to drill new ports?  Or am I stuck scouring the internet for a barrel? I don't think any of the gas plugs/ puck combos are going to help out with the sheer amount of residue  flowing in there.


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On 2/14/2024 at 3:24 PM, gumby510 said:

Ya know I always seem to forget that they sell spare parts.  That barrel seems like a cheaper way out instead of paying someone to tig it up and the drill bits I may or may not destroy in the process.

Thanks for the recommendation

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For anyone else who goes this route be prepared that the K-USA barrel is not chrome lined and the gas ports are drilled. The two cross pins for the gas block and the barrel pin in the trunion is not drilled. It's not the end of the world by any means but you have to stop and think a bit before pressing the barrel home.

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What about using that metal stick stuff you can melt with a torch and then drill out? 

I don't know if it would hold up to a gun barrel worth of stresses... But it likely wouldn't damage anything as it's only torch hot, not welded hot. 


Just a thought. And if it did blow out into the gas block it would still be easily removable. 

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