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Shark brake question.

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I have ordered Shark brakes from you in the past and I noticed that on my SBS the Shark brake seems to be different. Was there a design and if so, may I ask it's purpose? It looks to have a O.D. & OAL that is somewhat significantly larger then the ones I ordered in the past. Did the I.D. change as well? Would running this new brake on a Title I saiga 12 further reduce recoil as well?


Sorry to be nosey but sitting in this dust bucket, aka Iraq, leave me nothing better to do then drool over pictures, magnified 200%, of my wife and my SBS....Ooooo my wife holding the SBS...Mmmm...now thats a good thought for sleepy time. :smoke:


Thanks in advance for answering my nosey questions. :ph34r:


Semper Fi!

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Well, I'm obviously not the authority on this, but I'll do what I can. And BTW, I'm using an cheap plastic dial caliper, but it should be close . . .


Checking the 2 I have in front of me . . .














I'm sure I will be corrected by Tony or Bob if I'm wrong about the above or the following: I believe it was enlarged due to the plastic wads scraping on the inside of the old, smaller I.D. Shark Brake. My old Shark Brake pelted my face and other shooters, on both sides and a few feet away, with hot, dirty plastic shavings. It is funny as hell, though! And I don't think there will be any difference in recoil reduction. I can't tell . . .


And thank you for putting your ass on the line for all of us! And just think, before too long, you'll be home and able to fondle your Tromix :super: . . . and your Wife! ;)

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