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  1. Check out Lynx 12 Guru’s on Facebook it’s a closed group that all enthusiasts are welcome on. We are working with different manufacturers to have them post there latest and greatest products for the Saiga 12 - Lynx 12 community with a great place to post pics and videos no matter the size. Also find out the newest mods available!
  2. sure2survive

    Lynx 12 Mods Saiga 12 true clone

    My FaceBook page Lynx 12 Guru's is up and we are posting videos and will also post the mods we do to make these run like a raped ape.
  3. sure2survive

    AWS Spetz 12

    Couple tips grease the gas plus and dremel a grove like the Saiga 12 for easier removal also use a high temp grease on the threads only! Also I had to trim all my mag springs by 3" as the mags are over sprung.
  4. sure2survive

    AWS Spetz 12

  5. Lynx 12 is the new Saiga 12 check them out they are $450 and already converted and gassed correctly 

  6. sure2survive

    JT Engineering still in business?

    sad deal thanks for the info
  7. I joined in 2009. When Saiga 12 went away so did a lot of the members now that the Lynx 12 is available let the good times roll again!
  8. sure2survive

    JT Engineering still in business?

    cant find a website is he still in biz?
  9. sure2survive

    AOW-only state guys, please chime in

    AWS Spetz 12 is legal 4473 only
  10. sure2survive

    Lynx 12 Mods Saiga 12 true clone

    Norinco and polytech
  11. sure2survive

    Saiga 12 police, size and material gas puck ?

    doesn't sound like a puck issue sound more like bolt or mag issue or gas plug but not the puck
  12. sure2survive

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    would love to see Mike do a double stack that runs as good as his drums!
  13. sure2survive

    Lynx 12 Mods Saiga 12 true clone

    So I love the Saiga 12 I personally converted dozens for my gun store several years ago. Never had a return or feeding problem. Recently I acquired a Lynx 12 and I am thrilled they already have 90 percent of the work already done that the Saiga 12 did not! The Lynx 12 is better quality than the Saiga 12 for sure. That being said it still could use a few mods. Today I started with the Bolt Carrier and Bolt. The Chrome bolt Carrier had many rough edges so I used a Diamond hone to smooth up every edge. Then I did a little grinding on the bolt to allow the Gun to be loaded more easily on a closed bolt and to reduce friction as it passes over the next round. pics below. I have about 300 rounds through the gun before performing these mods as i wanted to do true out of the box testing vs fine tuning. I will give a range report after next shoot. J
  14. sure2survive

    Lynx 12

    Can someone add the Lynx 12 to the forum as far as its own link?
  15. sure2survive

    ATF Shotgun Study - Here it is!

    No New Study was needed....The purpose is simple. ATF is very versed in the Saiga 12. The study is a way of justifying an importation ban. The only reason for a new study is to try to make it look like they took a logical look at things. Get them while you can!