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does anyone have one. i plan on buying an ar-15 in about 3 or 4 months, and i want to mount a 37mm launcher to it. i was wanting to know if anyone has one, and if so, is it worth the money.


also, are non lethal 37mm rounds such as cs gas, baton rounds, etc. legal? ive seen these all for sale on gunbroker.com



here's a pre-ban car-15 with one




and this apears to be a heavily modified saiga .308 with one


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I've been looking at them for a while now too...but I don't have an AR-15 and I think it looks best on ARs.


To the untrained eye it looks like the M203, but is actually classified as a flare launcher, not a grenade launcher (it can't take the 40mm grenades). So legally it is treated the same as the little hand held flare launcher bought over the counter at Wal-Mart. Lethal rounds can be hand made but of course that's illegal.


I've heard the ammo is becoming hard to find...many people reload their own. Probably go the way of the "bird bombs." You can get adaptors to fit smaller flare rounds as well.


Expect to pay $200 or so. Here's a good link of knowledgable owners...




If the ATF starts to take notice of these flare launchers, I'll buy one before they become illegal.


Good luck and as always, post pics of whatever you make :super:

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i will probably make my own rounds since the ones i can find run between $10-$30 each


it will be about 4 months, or as soon as i have an extra $850 or so for the ar-15, and an extra 200 for the launcher. it may be sooner depending on my tax return. but i'll post up some pics as soon as i have one :smoke:

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Yeah, I've seen that pic before, but I just don't think they mesh well. Just cause you can weld them together, doesn't mean they belong that way you know? Maybe if I could incorporate the vertical grip, now that'd be cool...they do make a carbine version of the launcher, its a few inches shorter...hummm.

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