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  1. yup! in fact, i think i'm gunna mess with a couple of my guns today. and i never got rid of that 308 of mine like i was planning on doing, so i might use some of my free time to do a conversion in a couple months. i'd also like to look into converting a CETME forend for use on my rifle like another member did...
  2. i got in an argument with a guy on another forum. he reffered to the saiga-12 as a deadly weapon, but he thought a remington 1100 competition master was fine. i guess it doesn't mater that the competition master holds more shells and cycles just as fast
  3. well, now that i think of it, i really don't know what you would call it. i'm just givin' you a little bit of shit, because i'm not fond of the term "assault weapon" when it's being used when talking about semi-automatic sporting rifles i guess assault weapon style may be a little bit more appropriate... but don't listen to me - i ahvent slept in a long while and i'm a little out of it right now
  4. how does a pistol grip make it any more of an "assault weapon" then a saiga with a sporter stock???
  5. you'll need at least an m7 bayonet you can get one at a gun show. just shop around and see if anyone has a good price. you could probably find m7's online for as cheap as 20-30 bucks as well.
  6. i've got a .177 cal walther cp99 sport, and that thing is a lot of fun http://www.compasseco.com/shop/products.ht...p=Air%20Pistols
  7. i had a chance to put a couple magazines through a makerov a while back, and i was vey impressed. there was virtually no recoil(compared to the 1911's that we usually shoot), it was accurate, and it was a lot of fun to shoot. the only downside i could see is getting ammo. you won't be able to just pick up 9x18 at wally world or your local sporting goods store. you'll probably have to order it online or wait for a gunshow to come into town.
  8. maverick 88's are $135 at academy here in san antonio. i can't believe that people are charging $200 for the gun. quality - expect the same quality you would find in a mossberg 500(it's pretty much the same gun for less money). bvamp, i guess my low hourly wage i used to buy my 590 with makes me gay and rich i can hit eveything i aim at just fine - even with my thumb on the safety...
  9. nope, you can't even tell that it's there when you're looking through the scope. i took it out to the range today, so here is the copy and paste of what i had to say about it on another site... concerns: the biggest problem with this gun is probably the front site. if you want to use open sites, the i would not reccomend the gun. the front site is held in place by a single screw, so it has a habit of veering off to the left. if you plan on using a red dot or scope, then it will be just fine. the next problem is that the first round in the mag will pop out if you u
  10. mag release is on the back of the thumbhole.i'll probably take it out and break it in this afternoon, so i'll mess with the mag release and see what happens.
  11. yeah, both mags it came with go in the buttstock. the one in front is the one that feeds when firing, and the one in the back is just extra. the one in the back is held in by friction(no lever or button is used to release it), so hopefully it will stay in there and not get worn out after a few years...
  12. i paid $400 not including tax. there was one on gunbroker for $329, but after the shipping fee, transfer fee, and 3% credit card fee, it would've been almost $400, so i decided to just have my local shop order a new one direct from walther. then i bought a cheaper bushnell scope - another $80, and now i'm gunna pick up a harris bipod and a rail adapter for another $100... isn't it funny how a moderately priced rifle can suddenly get expensive the barrell on mine is not threaded. none of the ones sold in the U.S. will have the threaded barrell. but one of the guys from rimfirecentral.
  13. it's funny that you ask... i just got mine a couple hours ago. first impressions: this seems to be a very well built rifle. it seems quite sturdy, and i think it will last a very long time. the front sight is plastic(as i'm sure y'all know), but i'll get over it i've heard people complain about the sights, but i like them. i'll just have to see how it performs at 50 yards with open sights before i can make a final judgment. i bout a bushnell scope so i'll probably be using that instead of the sights anyway. y'all can expect a range report by the end of this week... ma
  14. chips


    i'm not being at all sarcastic. just read some of these posts... "freeloaders", "cheap ass" , a post mocking my suggestion of a special forum for paying members, etc. i havent seen this in any other site with paying members. i belong to one site in which i have paid $20. i was given some privelages, but i never bragged about paying, and i have never called any of the non paying members "cheap ass". i post on shotgunworld alot. there are paying members there, but i have never seen one of them refer to a non paying member as a "free loader". i really hope that this site won'
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