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  1. I have a Tromix 8" SBS and awhile ago I broke off the securing bolt and managed to lose the handguard (yeah, bone head move). Anyway, I need to remove the broken screw stud and find a replacement handguard. Any off the shelf options? If not, any suggestions for one that will mount easily without major modifications? Cutting it shorter is not a problem. Thanks Caspian
  2. Yep. Jet, maybe he has $600 worth of postage he needs to send back the peoples parts. BTW, his rants on the since deleted thread is what has cost him business. Which, if he was pulling in $600/week in polishing jobs, then he wouldn't be in this position. He is looking to blame anyone but himself. Time to look in the mirror, Pauly. Anyone been around long enough to remember Gary Gucciano from Solstice Arms? Been there, done that. Had to have a buddy who is with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation pay him a visit to get my parts back. This is the EXACT same pattern.
  3. I met with Mike today about some stuff and rest assured, he is constantly making/shipping drums. he is getting slammed and working his but off. all the product is there and being shipped ASAP. you will get it. 10+ days is a short wait time compared to some of the other products out there. try ordering Pmags or AR lowers and find out what a real wait time is.
  4. I ordered 5 minutes after getting the e-mail and live 30 minutes from him. He said no pick up, so it was delivery only. In theory, i should be one of the first to get them. However, if he ships USPS, all bets are off. Regardless, i will post when they arrive.
  5. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2012/10/31/mikhail-kalashnikov-asks-putin-to-save-izhmash/ Mikhail Kalashnikov Asks Putin To Save Izhmash The famed original AK maker Izhmash is on the brink of collapse. Production of sporting rifles has stopped, export contacts cannot be fulfilled and skilled workers are leaving the company. Mikhail Kalashnikov and 16 colleagues have written an open letter to President Putin pleading for his intervention to prevent the company collapsing. An Izhmash Employee inspects a batch of Siaga rifles. It is hard to sympathise with either Izhmash or
  6. I had an implied copyright on my post and you copied it. You owe me!!!! OP needs to get over himself. If you want to share/brag about your shit, do so. cool. putting "copyright" just screams, "I will sue you" which is bullshit.
  7. looking forward to you making, marketing, and selling one for $20. i'll do mine for free since i have a bridgeport, but i'm sure others would appreciate it.
  8. tips of the teeth. furthest most point on the shotgun.
  9. what kind of mag release are you using? looks nice.
  10. FS means Free Shipping, just looked at my post and it looks like i said, "for sale". seems to be the best price if you are looking for a few to add to your collection. the website can be found by searching Aim Surplus i'm holding out for the double stacks personally, but for this price if you don't have a few, it's not a bad option.
  11. that's what you get for lending it to Gary the Retard.
  12. yes, there is a ton of literature. one off the top of my head is Machinery's Handbook (in it's 29th Edition). In it, you can look up the relative hardness of metals. Wanna guess what is harder, chrome lined steel or brass? Here's an eye opener for those using dangerously "abrasive" copper bullets. Mohs' Scale of Hardness: 0.7 graphite 1.3 asphalt 2.5 fingernail 3.0 copper penny 3.5 brass 5.5-6.0 knife blade
  13. because there is a huge difference than making a prototype and making the molds for mass production. given mikes past, this will happen. however, since there is no Version 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 of the drum, that tells you it was perfected from the start. no need to refund money on crap designs or spend a ton on shipping to send out replacements. doing it right the first time is much cheaper than doing it over and over faster. he will perfect it before releasing it. that takes time. BTW, mike, i am willing to trade packaging labor for mags.
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