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  1. How did you fix the "bolt catch plate" (the blue piece on your diagram) to fit on the converted fire group. I can't get mine to fit.
  2. Is this the nut you are talking about? http://www.tapco.com/product_information.a...dept=96&last=96
  3. I ordered the Fire Control Combo from Tapco that came with the M249 Pistol Grip, fire control group, and a piston. The pistol grip came with a screw and nut in the inside grip carrier. Can this be used for the Saiga? Here are the pictures.
  4. Let me correct myself, in my Saiga AK I use PMC Green Frangible Ammo for home defense. This type of ammo doesn't over penetrate nor does it ricochet. It is the safest type of ammo to use indoor. Thus, the compact rifle is the best weapon for indoor use because you have 30 round capability plus the option of using a high power round that will not over penetrate. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON FRANGIBLE AMMO! It is used by SWAT and SF teams when they enter areas where they have to be sensitive with the environment (ex. gas and chemical tanks, schools, et..)
  5. I will be getting a Makarov soon, but that will not be my home defense weapon. My Saiga AK 7.62 (with Pistol Grip Conversion and Romanian Folding stock) would be my first home defense weapon (with Wolf HP ammo). With a 30 round magazine, it is hard to miss person 30 times in a close perimeter. Something compact and very very very strong is your best bet for home defense. Go for a shotgun or a reliable compact rifle. Remember.....ONE SHOT, ONE KILL It should not take more than one bullet to kill someone (and if you aren't an expert shooter, it shouldn't take more than 2
  6. Alright guys, I'll get the Makarov. I'll ask for it as a birthday present. Yes...I am an underage 20 year old college student. Since the law states I can own a hand gun as long as I am 18, then I can legally receive one as a gift from my parents (I just can't buy one from an FFL dealer).
  7. Wow thanks lot. I guess I'll go for the Makarov. It does indeed look like a nice gun and the damn Commies did use them for a long time. Thanks again. *Where do they sell Wolf HP for 9X18mm , I tried looking for it but couldn't find it.
  8. Ok, I have been checking out some more hand guns and I found the CZ-52. I read some good stuff about the ammo. Here is my new question: Which is best for defense, the CZ or the Makarov?
  9. Well now that I own a Saiga, I now want to own a hand gun....(yes, I am new to fire arms) For now, I just want a hand gun that I can use for fun (pratice at the range of course). I am in college (University of Florida - GO GATORS) so I also can't spend too much money. I have read several online reviews on the Makarov and everything about this pistol is awsome (plus its cheap!) So I was wondering...should I get a Makarov? If so, which version should I get? (Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, et...) Also...can you guys give me an idea of the range and accuracy of this pistol; als
  10. Ok, now I am looking for a Romanian instead of the US. I'll buy the Romanian for $40 total (including shipping).
  11. I am interested in the Romanian Stock. Does anyone here have one? Does the Romanian Stock wiggle/move like the US folding stock?
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