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  1. Wow, I read the topic of this thread and immediately thought how much I wished it was this particular moron. He was such an a-hole in the program that I was actually hoping someone would track him down and shoot him in each kidney and leave him to bleed out in the middle of a field somewhere. The dude was bragging, actually bragging about how he was going to steal from other preppers (presumably killing them in the process). I remember wishing TEOTWAWKI would actually happen just so he'd get shot the first time he tried this. The dude is scum and I was actually happy to see it really was h
  2. Oh come on man, you can't post something like that and then leave the rest of us hanging.
  3. I agree about education. My family left South America when I finished 2nd grade, I then went to 3rd grade here and despite being in ESOL and barely speaking any English at all I was at the top of my class. Then in 4th grade they began teaching us multiplication, and it was the first time I realized there was something strange (mind you I was 7 years old). I'd been learning multiplication back before we came to the U.S. which was two grade levels prior. The reason it amazed me is that when we first moved, I was told we were moving to the most advanced country in the world, where everything wa
  4. The socket (which would be the handle of the bayonet), would have to be pretty large to fit over, and lock onto the flash hider of an s-12. I wish I could find a lug for this bad boy! (too many projects - not enough time to make one) It is the bayonet for a Chinese type 81 rifle, and as far as bayonets go..... it just looks bad ass!!! That is cool. I like the double blood grooves on the blade.
  5. I bought one of the original European American Armory Saigas with a 20" barrel back in the 90's and I never had to file down the mag catch. Regular AK mags would always fit, they just wouldn't feed without the bullet guide. In fact, I remember seeing a bunch of Saigas at a gun show back then and trying this out (with the vendor's permission of course) and the AK mags fit. I think it's later tha they started making them slightly longer so the regular AK mags would no longer fit. Maybe you just got lucky though.
  6. Would be cool if we could get something like this imported to the U.S.
  7. That's what I was about to say. I've seen some .308 models with scope going new for about $500, and seeing as how the 700 is the platform that a lot of police snipers use, you could slowly upgrade it as your budget allows to get increasingly better accuracy or to suit you better.
  8. I'm planning out two conversions, and three barrel therading projects. I have three muzzle breaks, but will probably want to leave one with just a thread protector so I can use it with a suppressor. Anyway, my question is about the split ring crush washer I've seen some people use. Where does one get the split ring washer to put under a threaded brake to keep it secure? I haven't seen it listed in any place under conversion parts but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. I also heard some people say they just bought a spark plug or something, which size woudl that be? If the washer i
  9. She seems to think that she can make up for her lack of attractiveness by ramping up the sluttiness. FAIL!
  10. The front sight post is also interchangeable, but that's about it. You might want to check out Survivor's SKS boards. You can find it at www.sksboards.com. Lot's of knowledgeable guys there and if you post a wtb thread you might get some hits. ("might" being the operetive word, as a lot of these guys hold on to spare parts jealously) AMMO! Ammo is interchangeable between the two.
  11. I've been wanting to ask the same thing. If I wanted to use a washer, what size washer should I use on a standard 7.62x39 saiga? Would a Jam nut be better? I have a muzzle break I'd like to install, but I'd also like the option to remove it and thread on a suppressor. Would either of these options make it easier, or am I better off just using a thread protector instead of a brake?
  12. Sounds like you should just go ahead and use a dremel tool with cutting wheel at this point. In fact, I wouldn't even cut that deep, just make a ridge and try to tap it out see if the rest just breaks off.
  13. So where does one get the split ring washer to put under a threaded brake to keep it secure? If available at the hardware store, what's the correct measurement?
  14. More details on this please? what should the TAT be threaded onto, how far, how soon, etc? I also second the question in reference to what type of pipe cutter was used? The one I have purchased seems too thick and wont cut far enough back. The TAT should be threaded about halfway to the die when starting to cut the threads, as in this simplified drawing: What I did was thread it in a little too shallow, like this: When the muzzle touched the TAT, the next turn caused the die to pull the first few threads off the barrel. After the first two or three threads are cut, I would pul
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