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WIN $ 10,000.00 IN CASH 4 GAS

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Posted 31 August 2010 - 02:16 PM


Team Gas Pedaltm

2011 Reward Program for Gas Pedal Shooters

Earn up to $35,000 in performance bonuses!*

Special Bonus: USPSA Champion or overall US OPEN Nationals match winner - $10,000!

To honor the 100 year anniversary of the genius of John Browning and the 1911 pistol, in 2011 GoGun is proud to announce our performance incentive program. We truly believe the Gas Pedal Grip is the biggest improvement to John Browning’s design in 100 years and we are putting our money in your hands to prove it.


•Must use a genuine GoGun Gas Pedal ® grip during the entire competition at a USPSA Area match or US Open National match. Other brands not eligible.
•Must prominently display Gas Pedal ® logo on shooters shirt.
•DOUBLE YOUR PRIZE if you wear an official Team Gas Pedal ® shirt for the entire match. (Shirt for purchase available shortly)
•50% Bonus if Gas Pedal ® grip is purchased before Jan 1, 2011 (Save your receipt, quantities limited).

The performance prizes are:

2011 Area Matches:

For Classification winners GM to D; First $200, Second $100, Third $50.

High Military $200; High LEO/First Responders $200**; High Lady $200

2011 US Open Nationals:

For Classification winners GM to D; First $500, Second $250, Third $100.

High Military $500; High LEO/First Responder $500**, High Lady $500

Additional rules (the fine print)
1.No preregistration necessary but it is shooters responsibility to notify GoGun via claim form which will be available after first 2011 Area match(link will be posted here after first area match)
2.Proof of win can be via posted match results
3.Proof of Eligibility: You must submit a picture of yourself with Gas Pedal ® grip on your firearm and logo on shirt. You may submit 2 pics if more convenient or submit digitally. Military or LEO/First Responder who prefer not to have images sent may send notarized affidavit instead and avoid promotional use of name and image. Military winners must show proof of active duty status. LEO/First Responders must show proof of active full time employment as LEO, Firefighter, Paramedic, Emergency Room personnel, Commercial airline pilot licensed to carry while commercial piloting or any other full time first responder who is required to carry firearm for duty. All winners must submit your prize claim within 30 days of match completion.
4.**If you are high LEO you are eligible for prize in that division. If you are not LEO but are a first responder as defined in rule #3 AND you beat high official high LEO, you as well as high LEO winner are both eligible for prize.
5.Eligibility of prizes and final award solely at discretion of independent entity Grip Holdings LLC on behalf of GoGun by E-TAC CNC, Inc. No appeals, and Grip Holdings LLC is final arbiter of prize distribution.
6.Prize winners agree to use of their name and picture for promotional purposes for a period of 5 years after event. (An exception is made for Military or LEO/first responder categories if they wish their name and likeness withheld from public view). This exception to promotional use for Military and LEO/First Responder does not apply in the event that shooter is USPSA champion or National Match winner if they wish to claim $10,000 prize
7.For US Open Nationals, in the unlikely event that Match Winner who uses Gas Pedal is non US citizen and USPSA champion both use a Gas Pedal grip, the prize will be split 50-50 ($5,000 to each shooter)
8.Bonus prizes can not be combined or multiplied. Only one bonus per event or two per year allowed. If multiple bonuses are claimed only the single highest bonus will be awarded. Also you may not claim a prize in two different categories, only the single highest amount may be claimed.
9.To be eligible for class win bonus you must win first, second or third place in your class (GM thru D).
10.There must be at least three other shooters in your class, division or category to claim a prize.
11.ETAC CNC, Inc. reservers right to change rules if conditions warrant

A click link for graphics here will be available shortly for those that wish to customize their own shirts.

Team Gas Pedaltm

Go Fast, GoGun



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Posted 15 November 2010 - 03:33 AM

Shouldn't the shirts be free and the grips something like half price if we're going to shoot matches with your grips and we would be promoting your product on our backs??? Just my opinion. Now if it said Saiga-12 that would be something else.
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