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Saiga 12 / AK 47 Support Gear...Initial Reviews

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Hey guys,


Not too many people here post reviews or ideas when it comes to support gear to go with their Saiga/AK Systems, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Initially I was in the market for a modular pouch that would be able to hold a Factory Saiga 12 5 rounder. Then my quest went toward a pouch that would go with my AK (WASR/SGL) US Palm Magazines. Ideally I wanted a system that was multifacited. I wanted the ability to run shotgun/rifle/pistol all from the same MOLLE set. I did not want to go the route of a chest rig due to experience with running chest rigs in the Army and having a tendancy to overload them with unneeded gear.


I ran across the Viking Tactics Brokos Belt via YouTube. This is a MOLLE web belt designed to wear all of your kit on. It has an array of MOLLE webbing as well as a slot behind the MOLLE to run a belt either the Cobra or Riggers Belt. With all the Cobra Belts sold out I got a Riggers Belt from High Speed Gear Inc which works fine. Beware when ordering the Brokos Belt. The sizing on the Viking Tactics website is off. I have a 32 inch waist and by the sizing chart I should have taken a medium however that was WAY to small. Large was perfect for me. The belt also sports a nice mesh behind the belt to help with circulating air.


As for the High Speed Gear TACO Pouches. These things are awesome. They are a bit difficult to put on the belt or any other platform however after mounting it is rock solid. The highlight of the pouch is that it can adapt to various types of magazines....which is what I was looking for. If you see the pictures below I am able to run the factory 5 round Saiga 12 Mag, the Surefire 8 round mag, and my US Palm AK Mags. They basically expand to wrap around whatever you are putting in them and then cynch down to keep it tight. The only issue is that you would have the run the Saiga 5 round mags with the shells up since when you extract the magazine you really have to yank on it and I can see the top round popping out.....No issues with running the AK Mags rounds down


As you can see from the picture the Maxpedition Rolly Polly is a great dump pouch for spent mags. I fit 2 US Palm AK mags and 2 5 round Saiga 12 mags in it.


All these products have a lot of videos on YouTube however this is my initial impressions on my purchases. I plan on adding a double pistol mag pouch to it.






post-23423-0-48517300-1289269342_thumb.jpg post-23423-0-64313000-1289269356_thumb.jpg



post-23423-0-39158600-1289269369_thumb.jpg post-23423-0-16366800-1289269574_thumb.jpg


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