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I am fairly new, mainly been lurking, but just got my Saiga 7.62x39 a big brother. A Saiga .308. I plan to keep them fairly stock for now, maybe doing the bullet guide conversion for the x39. I live in MD, and was very fortunate to get these both as unregulated rifles, not the evil "Regulated Assault Rifles" they are usually transferred as. As a regulated firearm they are subject to approval (or disapproval), longer wait, and more fees. In there stock sporter configuration they are, or should be regular long guns which can be sold by a dealer with the quick Federal check, or face to face with cash. Typically all Kalishnakov action rifles are sold as regulated here, even though the state police released a bulletin stating the differences. Anyways, I love the 7.62x39, hope to get the 308 out next weekend after I get some ammo. I name my rifles, like some others do evidently. Here is Ivan the Great (7.62x39)


Here is Ivan the Terrible (308)


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Those two men need to be converted :D



I would agree, but 2 things prevent that;


1. Time + money = do not have :unsure:


2. I am in MD, and being the guns are already black, they are very scarey. Put into an Ak configuration as opposed to the sporter configuration will have politicians spinning in their graves. I would likely be classified as a terrorist or gang banger. :killer:


Just keeping it simple for now. Just the cost of .308 ammo is taking up most of my extra gun money. Maybe later on after I aquire parts I'll convert the x39 then maybe the .308. I took the x39 out to the range this weekend and forgot how much more felt recoil it has than my SKS. Still not as much as the Mosin though. Man I wish Saiga made a 54r rifle.:angel:

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