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Another Conversion completed!

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Well, Phase 1 is complete! My Saiga 12 is now 922r compliant, looks better and feels better to use! 032.gif


Thanks to Cadiz for the gun, and thanks to CSS for Conversion Kit#4 in Dark Earth, plus the Magpul Enhanced recoil pad.


I took me several hours to do this, since it was my first conversion. I used a whetstone to polish up some of the contact points on the hammer, bolt carrier and bolt. I also took a couple of breaks to watch the CSS videos again. Had a few minor difficulties, but at last I was triumphant! biggrin.png


Oh yeah... there's more to come. Just need some more fundage. wink.png


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A couple extra notes...


I used a whetstone to smooth up the flat surfaces because my dang Dremel tool is ... "in a box" ... somewhere. rolleyes.gif


I like the adjustable stock a LOT! This is the first firearm I've owned with one, and I already love it! I have a 35 1/2" arm reach, so it's almost fully extended.

Yeah, I'm officially a "knuckle-dragger"... My arm reach is 3" longer than my inseam. bad_smile.gif

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Finally got to try it out after the conversion today! It works great, and no parts came off! big_smile.gif


The new stock and pistol grip are terrific! The gun really fits ME now. I must have a "good" one- it ate 3 different kinds of cheap Wally World shells on #2 with NO issues, even with the 10 rnd. mag. Shot the cheap 00 Buck on #1 and it works perfectly, too. :up:

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