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Last Question before Final MSA Adapter modding

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I've read all the threads from last spring on modding the saiga for the MSA adapter, including my two favorite:




My .223 is already modded to properly fit the bulgy .223 mags, but I would prefer to be able to use both. The trunnion and adapter have been collectively modded to allow the adapter to be inserted with full lock-up, without major issues that I see from it. All metal was removed at such speed that the surface remained cool enough to touch.






Naturally, a bit of polishing will be required after all modifications are complete. I'm sure you can see where this is going though - the magazines still won't lock into the adapter while it's inserted in the rifle, because there is still too much 'meat' in the trunnion!





I could easily continue removing material at this point, but something occurred to me. The below picture is of my bolt; see the slight wear marks at two points where it engages the locking lugs in the trunnion.




Now see it as locked inside the trunnion during firing.




As you can see, the right 'nub' of material preventing the insertion of a magazine appears to double as a locking lug.





I can't imagine how, but have I somehow got this incorrect? Is it actually required to remove material from the right locking lug, or is the AK actually designed to use only one location to lock. If so, does anyone else feel it a bit 'sketchy' to carry out this modification? I'd love to hear how others' rifles are holding up after this mod, over the long term. I'm still on the fence about going 'all the way' and removing the remaining material - is it worth it? Has anyone else just modded magazines, and can it be done any other way? How many rounds have you fired from from your saigas with such modified lugs?

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The enlarged areas on both sides of the trunnion ARE the locking lugs.


I haven't done this mod myself, but the problem seems to be that recent .223 Saiga trunnions have extra material on the lower areas of the locking lugs. There are several other threads where people chose to reduce the surface on the lower face of the locking lugs to allow Bulgarian magazines to insert without modifying the magazines - you're having the same problem where your magazines are contacting the lower portion of the locking lugs. This is probably what you'll have to do. I won't say much else since I haven't touched this mod and don't plan to.

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I've been using AR magazines in my Saiga .223 for about a year and a half. I'm also able to find great deals once in a while on US Mil-Spec GI mags for between $7-$10 each. While I'll take the adapter out sometimes and shoot the factory Saiga magazine or a Surefire, I prefer to shoot AR magazines. I have a couple of AR/M4 and the saiga, so it's nice using the same magazines.

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