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  1. So, any customer updates? Has shipments gone out? There was a lot of posting back and forth, and I know there's a lot of interested customers who want to buy an AR adapter for their Saiga. If MSA has started shipping and you've received your adapter, I think it's only fair to let potential customers know that MSA is taking orders and coming through for you.
  2. I have a saiga with RenegadeBuck's adapter and an S&W M&P15. I usually take both rifles out to shoot at the same time. I've had my adapter for close to 2 years. I shoot about 2 cases a year. So that means about 4000 rounds through both rifles. That means around 2000 rounds through my saiga and Renegadebuck adapter. I prefer the renegadebuck adapter better. I think it's easier to fit to the rifle."Even a caveman can do it". You don't need special tools. Plus; you won't find better customer service. But to each their own.
  3. Not saying a person shouldn't do a complete conversion. Simply saying that it's a "Personal" thing. It's not a "Make it original" thing or any other reason. it's 100% personal preference. Why do i say this? Simple. I've owned a LOT of AK's in my life. And within a year or two I would sell them. Main reason is because i NEVER like the positioning of the trigger (Fire Control Group) in relationship to the front stock. I'd keep buying AK's thinking I'd get use to it or it would be different. Albert Einstein Quotes Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, I had the opportunity to hold, feel, and dry-fire a Saiga .223 about 2 years ago. It "FELT" different. (That's because the trigger (FCG) is further back. But "I LIKED IT". I have done a complete conversion/modification of the Saiga .223. Including a Renegadebuck AR Magazine adapter. New Stock, Forarm Grip, piston, etc... The only thing I DIDN'T change was the trigger/FCG. Why? Because that's the ONLY REASON I'm keeping the Saiga .223. I didn't like an AK in normal configuration, and I WOULDN'T LIKE a Saiga .223 made back to an AK format. So for me, I have absolutely no desire to move the trigger (FCG). Not saying that others wouldn't want to. Maybe they want a traditional AK chambered in .223/5.56 (AK-101). For me, I don't like traditional AK's. But, with the trigger (FCG) further back, I like it much better.
  4. I've been using AR magazines in my Saiga .223 for about a year and a half. I'm also able to find great deals once in a while on US Mil-Spec GI mags for between $7-$10 each. While I'll take the adapter out sometimes and shoot the factory Saiga magazine or a Surefire, I prefer to shoot AR magazines. I have a couple of AR/M4 and the saiga, so it's nice using the same magazines.
  5. I prefer using AR15 magazines. I have 2 AR's and the saiga, and it's nice to simply use the same magazines in all of them. The saiga/adapter isn't too fond of the plastic magazines, so I usually just use USGI mags in the saiga. Definitely well worth it.
  6. Wolf in the pseudo name given to the importer. It's russian steel case ammo. Nothing wrong with it at all. I shoot primarily russian steel case ammo in all my .223. Including my AR15's. You just aren't going to reload it. And because it's steel case, it doesn't expand as well as brass. Therefor, you get a little more blowback along the side of the case. TRANSLATION: It dirties the chamber a little more. Just clean the rifle more often. Oh; and for what it's worth, the barrel twist on a saiga .223 isn't 1:8. It's 1:9. Actually, it's a little over 1:9, but closer to 1:9 than 1:10.
  7. The best magazine for the saiga .223 is the USGI Military M16/AR15 magazine. Plain and simple.
  8. Cheapest for me, was putting in a Renegadebuck Saiga/AR15 magazine adapter. I have plenty of mags. So the adapter paid for itself in 5-6 magazines. I saved $20 on each magazine having an AR15 instead of a $30 Surefire magazine. And ALL future magazines will be cheaper. I spend between $6-$9 for an AR15 magazine.
  9. Yea; I don't even think WHAT the problem is, until I've shot about 1000 rounds through a semi-auto rifle. I've had my M&P15 AR for just over 3 months now. But it on Christmas eve. I've put about 1500 rounds through it. 90% russian steel case. Then again; an M&P15 is known for shooting rocks if you can fit it in the chamber. It will shoot anything. I've had this particular saiga .223 for about a year and a half. I had a couple of feeding issues when it was new, but now it shoots flawlessly with any ammo. Of course, there are those that take a brand new rifle and if they have any feeding, firing, ejecting, etc... issues; and automatically determine it must be the ammo. They won't admit that maybe,,,, just maybe,,,, their rifle is at fault. Most times, just needs a little break in wear. The biggest issue with steel case ammo, is the shooter. YUP, it's ain't the ammo. People refuse to realize that steel doesn't expand as well or as fast as brass. Therefor, you get some residue/powder blow back into the chamber around the sides where the case fits in. After a while; if you don't clean the rifle; you can get cases that get stuck in there after a shot and the extractor isn't able to grab out the spent case. AK's are a little more tolerant, because they are naturally a looser weapon all around. "Hence, the reason they will shoot under almost any condition". It's mainly the AR owners who blame steel case ammo as being bad; when in fact, it's that they don't clean their gun often enough. Some even brag about shooting 500-1000 rounds and not cleaning their weapon. They think they should be able to do this with steel case also. They're wrong, but they don't want to hear it, so I just let them believe what they want.
  10. My issues were failures to fire. And like I said, I've gone through thousands of rounds of steel case ammo, and I haven't had any problems.
  11. Each weapon is different. Whether it's using steel case or brass case ammo, each rifle has it's own personality. My son was home from school for spring break last weekend. He went through 500 rounds of steel case russian .223. Some was Barnaul and some was tula. He didn't have one misfire, jam, or feeding issue. And all of it hit on target perfectly. I would have no problem using steel case MFS or Silver Bear Soft Point ammo for home defense. I've shot enough bear, tula, MFS, barnaul, and wolf in both my Saiga .223 and my S&W M&P15 AR15. I would feel just as comfortable shooting it as I do PMC, SS109 (M855), and other brass case ammo.
  12. http://www.weaponsworld.com/ammunition/rifle-ammunition/223-remington.html MFS 62 grain Soft Point. Zinc Plated steel case. (Same as Silver Bear). Soft point is great for target, varmints, home defense, etc... $229 for 1000 rounds. Flat $9.99 for shipping and handling. Excellent ammo and excellent company. That price comes out to $4.80 per box of 20. Prices are going up. I'd order this very soon if you're interested. FYI. They have 55 grain FMJ, but it's the exact same price. They also have 500 rounds of the soft point for $129, but if you have the money, buy the 1000 rounds. It's $9.99 for S/H no matter HOW MUCH ammo.
  13. Thanks for all the input everyone. RLTW: I am so beyond 922R. I couldn't screw that up if I tried. But for what it's worth; while a mag adapter "ITSELF" doesn't count as 922R part; it's pretty much impossible to use the adapter, unless you put a MAGAZINE IN IT!!! Ya think??? So; assuming they are American made magazines, it DOES count for another 3 parts. But 922R is not something I worry about. Just curious about moving the trigger. I'm still not sure if I'm going to do it or not. I personally like it the way it is. That's why I bought it. If I do keep the gun, I WON'T be moving the trigger. I specifically bought the saiga because the trigger assembly was further back. DON'T ASK. I'd rather not go through explaining it again. Suffice it to say, not everyone like's the ergonomics of an AK47. But I do have some people interested in the rifle. We talked about the trigger. The one wouldn't know the difference. The other has a 7.62AK, so he would. Anyway; I'll only do it if I can recoup the money. And no Gocasen; I don't need to be spending $160-$260 for a conversion. I simply want to possibly move the trigger FCG. Price with crook or plate, around $40-$45. Like I mentioned initially, I've changed out so much on this rifle; 922R isn't even an issue.
  14. If your front sight is all the way right, and you're hitting left, you'd need to move the front sight LEFT to shoot RIGHT. You move your sight opposite of where you want to hit. Same with the scope. If you're shooting too low, you need to cant the front down in order to shoot higher. Now; if you were moving the REAR sight, you'd move LEFT to shoot LEFT. Or RIGHT to shoot RIGHT. But when you move the front sight sight, it's opposite of what you want to do.
  15. This isn't really a "HOW" type question, so i thought this would be a better part of the forum for my question. I have a Saiga .223 which I've "changed" basically everything except the FCG. And I like it the way it is. It's got a new quad rail on the forearm; T-6 stock and pistol grip; decent reflex sight and laser and vertical foregrip. And the only real physical change, was adapting it to work with an AR15/Saiga adapter, so I can shoot AR15 magazines in it. (Or original Saiga Magazines). And for me, it's the way i like it. Thing is; I have 2 friends that are "somewhat" interested in it. They are familiar with the name saiga, and trust it. They love the fact that it can use AR15 magazines or Saiga/Surefire/Promag magazines. Both are however dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to mechanical capabilities. Both have traditional AK's. They like my Saiga exactly the way it is, but we all agree that "For Them" the FCG should be moved up. This way it shoots exactly like their traditional AK47 7.62x39 rifles. So, my question(s) are, I know the price of the FCG from dinzag range from $40-$60. (I'll have to do some research on which is which, and why). Do you think it is worth moving the FCG forward, for one of these 2 guys, (Who I am not totally sure will buy the rifle anyway), or leave it the way it is. I figure that with the new FCG and possibly a new pistol grip, it will cost about $75-$100 to do this. Not sure if i need a new trigger guard. Anyway; any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks. mike....
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