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atm papi

Did I get everything?

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I plan on taking the plunge on converting my Saiga within the following week. I ordered some parts from Mississippi Auto Arms, but I decided to use my Tapco T6 from my unconverted Saiga. I figured there was no reason to get rid of a perfectly good buttstock.


This is what I ordered:

Tromix FCG

DIY Trigger Guard

Tapco SAW Pistol Grip

Tapco Screws for the rivet openings


I'm assuming everything should be pretty much plug and play. Will I need to do any modifications to my safety? Thanks in advance!

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Not sure if the Tromix FCG comes with the retaining plate but me thinks they are worth the few extra bucks. If this is a 922R question it looks like you might need to remove one more imported part.

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This is for a Saiga rifle, right? This is in the rifle section, so I assume so.


It has 14 parts in its factory configuration I think, off the top of my head. The shotguns are a bit different, in that I believe they dont count the trunnion, but count the gas puck as well. You need no more than 10 foreign parts.


The parts that count on the rifles are

barrel/trunnion/receiver (3)

bolt/carrier/piston (3)

magazine (3)

FCG (3)

handguard and buttstock (2)


If you put your mentioned stuff on there, looks like you'll have barrel/trunnion/receiver (3), then the bolt/carrier/piston(3), then also the handguard. So only 7 parts if I'm not mistaken. Might even be able to use better mags if I counted correctly.


Also I don't know if you will need to mod your safety for that particular trigger gaurd, but you might have to do some work on the G2 hammer if it snags.

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It looks like you are good to go with SGM mags. I hate stating anything as "authorative" when it comes to 922R or any laws because (1) I'm not a lawyer and (2) it would not be cool if someone listened to me and got in trouble. Maybe it's just an excuse to buy things...LOL...but I make mine all compliant without counting mag parts.

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14 - 4 (FCG, buttstock) = 922r compliant without the magazine


This form is helpful. Like I say, I won't pretend to be an expert but it's important to get it right. I know some who ignore 922R entirely but they are responsible for themselves. Just select "Saiga Rifle" at the top, then select the origin of manufacture of the applicable parts. I noticed something just now on this form - the Saiga Rifle defaults to having a pistol grip. I've never seen a Saiga Sporter from the factory with a pistol grip. So, I believe one would have to de-select the pg from the checklist in order to be accurate.



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